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Gwen Stefani - Love Angel Music Baby - Universal Music No Doubt was something rare: a hip mainstream act that became a '90s version of a new wave band that placed equal emphasis on hooks, style, videos, and cool, radio-ready singles. Inspired by various strands of early-MTV pop; Spandau Ballet, the Police and Madness - their irresistible mix of reggae, punk, and power pop scored them several hits over the years.

No Doubt was pretty much defined by its lead singer Gwen Stefani. She was the public face of the band, co-wrote the lyrics and of course sang the songs. I really didnít like No Doubt much at all, but since Stefaniís gone solo Ė sheís easily become one of my favorite female artists. Her debut Love Angel Music Baby is chockablock with 80ís pop that just hits you right in the head. The album is a fairly logical progression for her if you consider the band's stylistic trajectory. The first single the Grammy nominated What Ya Waitin' For went straight to the top of US Top 40 radio last year, and it really isnít that bad a song, particularly once you separate it from the awful video.

Several of the thirteen tracks on her play list here are nothing short of excellent. She commemorates the 80's music scene with bubblegum pop (the track Bubble Pop Electric) dance music (Danger Zone) and even tries to become a young Kylie Minogue (on Serious). The result is a pretty solid album with enough syntho-pop to shake the dance floors worldwide. Legendary 80ís band New Order shows up too on the song The Real Thing and members Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook still show us how the 80ís sound is really done. The best track without a doubt would have to be Cool; a soft pop ballad which sounds like it would right at home on an early Madonna album. And oh look; she did this one with band mate Tony Kanal. How cool is that?

But thatís all the No Doubt youíre going to get on this one. Love Angel Music Baby is not an album she could have made with the group, for one thing it's too pop-centric, too new wave obsessed and too willfully Madonna to be a No Doubt album. And thank God for that. If you're still dancing to your George Michael, Pet Shop Boys and Madonna records, this one is sure to keep you partying' like it's still 1985.

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