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Adnan Sami
This award-winning singer/composer returns refreshed, refuelled and raring to go with a brand new album that promises to give you a look at where heís been these past few years and where he is at this time in his life. Here is Adnan Sami talking to The Record about his new music, his oddest source of inspiration, his experience in Bollywood and his top advice for aspiring artists. Youíll also learn something about him that is not well known. Check it out!

The Record: This album comes after a long time; what has been the biggest influence on it?
Adnan Sami: My mental state of being has been the biggest influence on this album. Musically speaking, Iíve moved into a different arrangement for this album. Iíve come to new territory and itís been very exciting for me as a composer and arranger. My albums in the past, for example, have been very much filled with a lot of sounds of tabla and dholak and things like that. There is completely no tabla or dholak in this new album, itís very contemporary. I have very Indian melodies of course, but Iíve brought in a lot more influences that Iíve grown up with, from jazz to western musicÖ

Iíve also interspersed different pieces of English poetry and other such elements which I have never used before here. Iíve played around with sounds; there is a world music feel to it and as a musician itís been great fun doing that. Iím in a very different zone right now, not just physically but emotionally as well and I wanted the album to reflect that state of being. I felt it was about time I was mentally ready to move to a different direction. I think that my audience is also ready to take that step with me. We have taken this musical journey together and they have related to wherever I have been musically. So I feel this is the direction I want to go in, and I hope they are ready to go there with me. Itís exciting!

TR: Youíve been out of the spotlight for roughly three years now; what have you been doing in that time?

Adnan: Iíve been concentrating on getting my health back in order. I went through a pretty bad phase where my health had reached an all-time low and I needed to concentrate on that and put myself back in order. I needed maintenance. [Laughs] So I went for an overhauling and servicing. [Laughs] Our bodies are like machines as well; you know we need to pay attention to them. I had neglected my health for long and it was about time that I put matters into perspective and rearrange my priorities and health was unfortunately sort of nowhere in my priorities in the past. So Iíve been concentrating on that.

Of course, Iíve been doing playback singing and composing as well; but I also needed some time off to just sort of breathe and take in again. It is very important for an artist, for any creative person to refuel with new ideas. When youíre constantly giving, in output mode, you get very little time and space for refuelling yourself. You need to take time out, listen to new things, watch new things, leave things for a while and you can then come back to them in a fresh light and I hadnít done that in a while. So I used that time when I was putting my health in order, to also observe, listen, catch up and explore things which I had not explored yet. That helps expand your horizons rather than looking through blinkers which sometimes ends up happening. You get so lost in your own rut and grind that you donít stop and look around you. So the three years that Iíve been away, I think everything that I did in that time is reflected in this album. Normally my albums have about 8 tracks on them, but this time Iíve got 11, so I guess, I had more to share. [Smiles]

You can read the rest of our feature on Adnan Sami in the April 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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