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Fardeen Khan
‘Catch me if you can!’ seems to be the catchphrase of cool dude Fardeen Khan. Though he doesn't play this game deliberately with the members of the fourth estate. By his own confession, he is purely a media-shy actor. But once he is cornered, he is an absolute delight.

The Record (TR): The general impression is that it’s very difficult or sometimes even impossible to corner Fardeen Khan for an interview. Right?
Fardeen Khan: Right! Yet, let me explain this with my favorite quote, 'In dreams and as in real life too, nothing is an impossibility'. To be very honest, in spite of the fact that the media has been very fair to me right since my ‘Prem Agan’ days, it was always me at fault. And I humbly accept the total blame for it.
For one thing, I am not very much a media-conscious actor and for another, it’s not even true that I deliberately shun the paparazzi. But the fact remains that I am totally disorganized in this regard for the simple reason that I don't take official calls on my personal cell, the guys at the F. K. International's office are too busy with my Papa's work. Besides, I am hardly at home to receive my official calls on my landline.
I don't believe in the star trappings of a secretary-cum-publicist to especially handle this media affair. And lastly, I have never refused to co-operate with the journos whenever they have cornered me in a party or even on my sets. But now I am seriously thinking of hiring my own 'Man Friday' to take care of all my media co-ordination duties. So guys, until then, please bear with me.

TR: So how do you get featured in all the Page 3 columns and even in the gossip mills?
FK: Simply because I am a real party animal. I love attending parties, that is, whenever I am free from my hectic round-the-clock schedules, whether they are filmy or non-filmy it doesn't really matter. As for the gossip mills, well… what can I say! But thankfully they never link me up with all my co-stars, except for my real life, now ex-ladylove.

TR: Ruheen Jaiswal?
FK: Yes!

TR: How serious were you both?
FK: Very, very serious. It was like the case of ‘till death do us part.’ But jokes apart, as everyone knows by now, that in spite of going very steady, we have broken up.

TR: Er... why?
FK: Now, if you don't mind that's one issue I would not like to discuss at all.

TR: So now you’re a single, available and eligible bachelor…?
FK: Frankly, I don't know anything as of now... My parents want me to settle down and if possible, go in for an arranged marriage. But when I will finally decide to take the matrimonial plunge, I will be the first one to shout it from the rooftops.

You can read the rest of our interview with Fardeen Khan in the April 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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