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Record Rating: **1/2

Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers This band got dropped by their record label after their sophomore masterstroke Utopia Parkway failed to ignite sales and bombed big time on the charts. As a result, the boys in the band were forced to take a leave from making music and go back to working actual jobs (extremely not fair, at least to fans).

But rather than complain about it Guns N Roses style, they went out and recorded this latest effort on their own and then sold it to Virgin. Their 1996 self-titled collection featured 12 brittle songs that were occasionally sweet and poetic about pop music and it did pretty well for itself. And now after a four-year hiatus since their last effort - the New York-based power-pop quartet returns with their third effort - Welcome Interstate Managers - and its full of cheesy songs.

The first single Stacy's Mom, is a humorous song about a young boy's love for a girl's mother. But it's in the mellower, sadder songs that Fountains of Wayne can truly shine. The catch is that the girl thinks he likes her. Coming from a diet of the Backstreet Boys, Linkin Park and the rest of the useless junk out there - the band fails to deliver big time with this effort. This is sad, considering the potential Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood showed on their first effort.

With 16 tracks the album isn't even an hour long which is definitely another big let down. It's obvious that this is the kind of band that the term "one-hit wonder" was coined for. Stay away.

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