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DJ A-Myth
There’s nothing mythical about DJ A-Myth’s success! This veteran was spinning in clubs when DJs were few and far between in India. With hits like the Jhatka remix, music for DJ Aqeel’s Kajra ReMix, Vada Raha Sanam from the film Khiladi, Indian Idol finalist Amit Sana’s Dooriyan, and a brand new album on the way, he means it when he says he’s in this for the long haul. The Record puts him in the hot seat this month.

The Record: When did you start DJing?
A-Myth: I started DJing in the year 1994. Before that I was a national level dancer actually but things didn’t work out. I used to go clubbing a lot at the time though and I came across several DJs. I realized then that I wanted to do something with music so I thought of getting into it. I asked around and got in touch with DJ Whosane. Being a dancer, I already had a keen sense of rhythm, so I worked hard to learn the musical techniques that DJs must know and also the art of how to keep the dance floor packed all the time. DJ Zam is who I trained under. He was the main DJ at a club called Sheetal Again and I have to say he was an amazing teacher.

TR: What is your most prized record?
A-Myth: Well, I have never really bought records. I work with CDs. I can play on vinyl of course but see, back then very few clubs had the facilities on which we could use records, which is why we didn’t really work with them. My most prized possession currently is my Mac G4 laptop with Vinyl Scratch software.

TR: Where do you source music from?
A-Myth: A lot of DJs exchange music with each other now so that is one way that I get music and of course then I go buy stuff from the music store as well.

TR: What is the longest set you’ve ever played?
A-Myth: 12 hours! I can never forget that time. I played continuously from 12 in the afternoon to 12 in the night. This was at a club called Go Bananas in Mumbai. At that time I had just picked up DJing so I thought of going and getting the experience of playing live. This was a private party which went on for really long and I was playing non-stop for that. After the party was over, the club owners decided to keep the club open anyway and keep letting people in. There was no other DJ to take over, so I had no choice – I had to keep playing!

TR: Any interesting experiences while playing live?
A-Myth: Oh yeah, tons of them. Once, in the early days, the song Bow Down Mister was really popular so we played it a lot in the club. One time I played the song as usual and a few politicians happened to be in the club. Afterwards they came up and threatened me, telling me not to play the song because it was insulting since it used the phrase ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. Another time, I was playing at a club and these thugs came over, showed me their guns and insisted that I play Daler Mehndi. [Laughs] So yeah, it was quite interesting… I had the best time of my life playing in a club called Wigwam. I was just starting out then and my bosses were really encouraging. I used to feel really good when they gave me a chance to play during the peak hours.

You can read the rest of our feature on DJ A-Myth in the April 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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