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Emma Bunton
She's been a part of the most successful girl band ever, who preached about the virtues of girl power and famously worn a T-shirt proclaiming Prince William a fox. But if there's anyone looking decidedly foxy these days, it's the lovely Emma Bunton.
The Record Music Magazine got an exclusive chat with the ravishing Bunton girl, who spoke on her life, her past and her new album. Excerpts.

The Record: What is the feel of the new album. Any guests artists youíve ganged up with?
Emma Bunton: ĎFree Meí is a diverse, energetic, and sophisticated soundscape. The sound is very different to anything that's out there at the moment. Iíve worked really hard and I hope people enjoy it. Talking about guests artists, I have worked with Cathy Dennis, Mike Pedan, Ray Hedges and Henry Binns of the ice cool group Zero 7. ĎFree Meí is an album shot through with real instruments, fantastic tunes and a sensibility that gleefully staples the sound and spirit of the 1960ís to the 21st century. Itís a record that finally defines my true personality, which in three words can be described as warm, passionate, and playful

TR: Can you tell us about your new single 'Maybe' and its video?
EB: ĎMaybeí is a really up-tempo track that's about falling in love. It's about that time when you're not quite sure what love is. Love tends to make you insane - which we love. Even though the 'maybe' phase can be horrible, I just wanted to show that it's also a part of falling in love.

TR: Can you tell us any songs on the album that have really touched you?
EB: For the first time in my life I feel really comfortable with everything Iím doing. I work with a team I trust and who I know have my best interests at heart. For me itís the freedom Iím given to grow, which is reflected in this album. My one favourite song is the very Latino, the Brazilian classic ĎA Song For Anamariaí, which was a hit in the late 60ís for Bossa Nova king Marcos Valle. Iím really excited about the video; itís colourful, humorous and expresses the sentiment of the song brilliantly.

TR: What are the most joyous moments you remember as a solo artist or with the Spice Girls?
EB: I have been lucky enough to have met some of my heroes across the world from Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles and the Junior Royals to Pavarotti. Certain events in my life have been mad but I still get excited when I meet people Iíve respected for so long. I grew up around Motown and meeting Martha and Smokey was amazing.

TR: Rumours are always afloat about a Spice Girl reunion. Can you shed some light on this?
EB: It's something we talked about half-heartedly at the dinner we had a few months ago. We all had a laugh and thought how hilarious it would be to do something in a few years time. We're all concentrating on our solo careers at the moment. I think we'd all individually like to do something at some point of time, it would be silly not to, but who knows what will happen.

TR: Reports reveal that you spent something like 25,000 pounds on being re-touched and airbrushed for your last video?
EB: Absolutely not. It's really quite upsetting as I worked my bottom off and trained very, very hard for that video. There's usually not one picture that goes out to the press that hasn't been changed or altered in some way you hide things like if you're a bit red or you're sweaty. But nothing to the extent that the papers were saying. It's just ridiculous.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Emma Bunton in the August 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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