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John Abraham
Barely 5 films old, like 'Jism', 'Saaya', 'Paap', 'Aetbaar' & 'Lakeer', John Abraham a non star son kid on the block has not only carved a niche for himself in no time but is now all set to create ripples of success with a line up of his next five releases in a row starting this month, like Yashraj film's 'Dhoom', Anil Sharma’s 'Madhosi', Sanjay F. Gupta's 'Main Musafir Hoon', ABCL Corporation's a Hindi -English bilingual 'Virudh-Versus' and above all Deepa Mehta's 'Water' resurrected as ‘River Mooon’.
Here in this freewheeling interview in his bachelor pad in the Bollywoodian Mecca of films he is all geared up and excited like a charged up teenybopper to not only take stock of his career but also to break up all the myths surrounding his enigmatic or should we say a sexy persona.

The Record: To set the ball rolling in your court, aren't you aware of the simple fact that an actor should always space out his clustered releases ?
John: Very honestly no. I mean I know that actors down the line have been doing it, but I don't want to do it. And can somebody please tell me why should I do it ? To curb over exposure ? Which in turn does not scare me one bit. In fact I am all game for it. Besides very honestly speaking I may be a prince of my own domain, but in Showbiz I still consider myself a beggar with nothing to choose. No choices whatsoever. So how can I be in a position to be very choosy about my roles or for that matter to space out my releases too. Of course, and let me be modest enough to say that, now I may be considered an actor to be reckoned with but I am not a star yet. A moderate and a modest actor yes but certainly not a star in the league of say star actors like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan.

TR: Does this mean that you sign on the dotted line of every film role that comes your way ?
John: Very honestly no as I do exercise my liberty and my rights in selecting the best of scripts. And Touchwood up till now I have been very lucky in this regard. But then I also leave everything in the hands of God ! The Almighty as I am a firm believer in destiny. Besides as I said earlier I am certainly not in a position as yet to dictate my own terms and conditions as far as my characters in a given film are concerned leave alone trying to influence, manipulate or interfere in the marketing strategies of my concerned film's releases unlike the other established actors and actresses of our Tinselville. And lastly I think I do need more exposure at least at this stage of my career.

TR: Great so now what is your immediate release film 'Dhoom' all about ?
John: Yeah ! 'Dhoom' is all set for a mega release this month. And being a Yashraj film offering no efforts are being spared whatsoever in its hi voltage promotional campaign too. Besides it may sound cliched but still it’s all about the cops and the robbers saga. In fact about cops and only a robber that's me. So I play the robber on the run. Yeah ! I am a mean, very mean robber in this movie. Of course I rob everyone on the highway and run away fast on my bike with two funny cops Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan hot on my heels. I am enacting the role of Kabir, do take note of my changed looks and mannerisms especially altered for ‘Dhoom’, who has no qualms whatsoever about taking people literally for a ride. And then this will be the first movie of mine which does not have any love angle, absolutely no love interest for me. You see out here I am a man possessed and obsessed with my bike. So no wonder I have been paired only with my bike for a change.

TR: When are the wedding bells tolling for Mr. John Abraham and Miss. Bipasha Basu?
John:You have already said it brother. And do I really have to answer that one ? Any ways sorry to disappoint one and all but my reply will be the same. You see since my first relationship with Riya Sen didn’t work out I never comment on my present relationship because for me a relationship is something that ends or should really end only in marriage and not separation. So if my presently alleged relationship with Bips does end up in marriage tomorrow or maybe sometimein the near future, then yes I would turn around and say that I was indeed in a relationship with Bips. Hence as of now the question of a relationship between us just doesn’t occur, to borrow the cliche now yes we are just good friends you see, until we both get really married or rather I am myself hundred percent sure that I am really going to get married. So if and when we finally take that million dollar decision to take the matrimonial plunge we will let the whole world know in advance. That’s it.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with John Abraham in the August 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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