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Prem and Hardeep: Partners In Rhyme
UK based musicians Hardeep Sidhu and Prem Hans were masters of the remix way back in 1998 with their big hit Chandni Ratein. Now theyíre back with a brand new album of 11 original songs. The Record talks to Hardeep about their latest venture Tera Mera Pyar.

The Record: Tell us about the new album.
Hardeep: The album is titled Tera Mera Pyar and it features artists like Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Babul Supriyo, Udit Narayan, and Sunidhi Chauhan. Itís a varied album, and features ballads, a Punjabi song, even some fusion based songs with rap. Itís got something for everybody I feel.

TR: Youíve got a lot of major name singers on this album. Were the songs written with a particular artist in mind?
Hardeep: Every song has been composed and written with the singer in mind. For example, the song Yeh Kya Hua was written with Shreya Ghoshal in mind. When I was recording these songs about a year and a half ago, Shreya Ghoshal was a new artist and Devdas was massive and sheís an amazing singer. Also I think this is probably one of her first ventures into a private album.

TR: The tagline for the album says ĎCome fall in love at the moviesí. Tell us a little about the concept.
Hardeep: That concept was created by the creative team at Sony Music along with the director (of the video) Apurva Asrani. They came up with a concept that had a film theme to it. I think thatís the reason for the tagline ĎCome fall in love at the moviesí. Itís about young love, about first love. Thatís what they wanted to portray. This is a mostly video album and thereís a whole story to it. The next video will link to where this video left off.

TR: Is there a track that stands out for you? Hardeep: I think, coming back to Yeh Kya Hua, to me it stands out. Itís the first time ever Iíve done a song which has a very acoustic feel to it and all the instrumentation is live. And I think with the sound, it has come together pretty good.

TR: What are your expectations for the album in the UK?
Hardeep: The album just got released there and the response thanks to the grace of God has been very very good. Our last venture was a remix album in the UK which was the Baby H remix album (Mere Naseeb Mein). That got popular in the UK. So I think weíre safe to say that we should be okay.

TR: You guys did a remix way before the trend exploded on the music scene Ė whatís your take on the current situation?
Hardeep: With the current state of how things are Iím staying away from remixes. Whatís happening is that one person comes along and creates a remix and a hundred companies will take it and do the same! I think the copying is uncalled for. And now theyíre even copying blatantly. Like with the Aar Paar mix and Chhod Do Aanchal, then there was the Beri mix. There may be others but these stand out for me. The customer is going to go into a shop and pick it up and theyíre not getting their moneyís worth. I think itís really, really bad. People have actually lifted Ė not mentioning any names - but they have lifted even my songs, my rap which I made. Something needs to change with copyright laws. Itís really unfair for the composers of the original music. Thereís so much confusion in the market. You can pick up a CD and find all the remixes on one compilation. After Mere Naseeb Mein it would be very easy for me to do a remix but Iíve stayed away. Itís a really confused market now. Itís too monotonous.

You can read the rest of our feature on Partners In Rhyme in the August 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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