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Voyage 3 - Various Artists Of all the genres within electronic music, Indian mixes probably gets the worst rap. The music is guilty by association with the hippies and new age activists that worship it with a religious-like fervor. And if a compilation is executed poorly, it sounds like pretentious pompous pap. Which thankfully is not the case here. Voyage 3 is the latest to hit the music shelves this month, and so far it’s pretty good.

An essential collection of some of the worlds most talented progressive Indian artists, featuring the sound and ability of the like of the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, modern hipster Nitin Sawhney and more. Though the 12 tracks are not the best that these artists could offer, it’s far from the worst either. Stuff like State Of Bengal Vs Paban Das Baul’s Moner Manush will get you out of your office slumber and the drain of all-too-common endless wind-ups that most Indian alternative music seems to offer. And Trickbaby’s mixing is impeccably suited to trance: long, drawn-out bleeds of sound seep from one transcendent path to the next. Not bad for a couple of spins.

There are some excellent tracks on this compilation but it is a very hit and miss affair compared to the previous Voyage entry (that had stuff like Enya on it). Still if you want to introduce someone to this genre, this would be it. If you’re a hardcore Karsh Kale fan, and bought most of the Buddha Bar series – this is the one also for you.

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