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Amit Sana
He is referred to as the Indian Idol #2 but for Amit Sana life is all about cherishing the past, living the present fully and planning a great future. On the release of his debut album Chal Diye, this boy from a small town shares some secrets of his life with Nitin Kalra. Here's a peek into the life of a transformed Amit Sana.

The Record: Amit the whole world has spoken to you about pre-Indian Idol and the period during the mega show. Lets not talk about that…
Amit Sana: Ya, actually even I am pretty bored of sharing the same thing over and over again. You know sometimes I feel I should just record the whole thing on a CD and pass it on to everyone who wants to interview me. (Laughs Aloud)

TR: Actually it's a good idea Amit but I hope we are not getting a copy of that CD?
AS: No, no. I will tell you all you want to know but I am glad we are not beginning with 'so tell us how was it missing the top spot?' I have answered this so many times that now I can't handle it anymore.

TR: I understand and that's why lets talk about your album…Chal Diye! What took you so long to come up with it?
AS: Actually at this stage all of us who were part of Indian Idol are under a contract with Sony. So we don't have a say with regards to the release of our albums. Obviously Sony first released Abhijeet Sawant's album and did their best to promote it. Then came my turn and after me it will be Rahul Vaidya and the rest.
Coming to Chal Diye, it's an album I am proud of and I am happy I have got a great launch with it. I don't think it's late for me to release an album. In fact it's the ideal time as I am now doing playback as well as shows.

TR: We'll talk about playback and shows later but let's stick to Chal Diye. How did the idea of the song happen?
AS: Vishal-Shekhar and the guys at Sony told me that they loved this song and would want this to be my debut track. When I heard it, I felt as if it was written for me. Chal Diye is a song that talks about moving on in life. After Indian Idol, I too was depressed and wanted to just be cut off from the world. Imagine you are just there but you can't get there! It was a horrible feeling but then I was also happy that I had become a celebrity suddenly. When I went on the streets people came up to me and they came to me not as a runner up in Indian Idol but for the fact that they found a good singer in me. That's when I told myself that life is not about winning competitions but it's about winning hearts and earning respect for yourself and your talent. Chal Diye as a song talks about positivism and moving ahead in life. That's what touched me most about the song.

TR: But why did you choose to do only one original track and the rest as all versions on your album? Don't you feel this will create a bad impression for you?
AS: Not at all! Today albums don't sell - what sells are songs and singles. We are moving towards the international system of music where singles only sell. Yes I chose to do versions of some songs as I felt it was the right way to show people the variety in my voice. Also when I sing these songs I bring my own style and variety into them. If people love my voice they will love these songs in my style too.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Amit Sana in the August 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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