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Lindsay Lohan - Speak - Universal The age of the teen princess who makes a splash in one arena, uses that popularity to break through in another art-form, earns gazillions, starts fashion trends and eventually becomes a bad role model is not over yet. Britney Spears crossed over from music to the movies and reality TV. There are girls who are doing things the other way around. Teen stars Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff have parlayed successful television and movie careers into big bang debuts in record stores around the world.

On the much-anticipated (by people below a certain height and age limit obviously) Lindsay Lohan debut, the music sounds warmed over, as do the lyrics. The album opener (the lyrically ferocious First) which was also supposed to be the title track on her movie Herbie: Fully Loaded (before the movie-studio bosses dropped it unceremoniously) calls to mind Led Zeppelin (if Led Zep was a not-quite-a-woman with massive issues) while other songs seem to borrow leaves from the books of the other pop tarts trying to make an impression on the global map at this time. Nobody 'Til You sounds like a rocker Ashlee Simpson would have been proud to record (sans the acid reflux of course) while Symptoms Of You would have made older sister Jessica proud. Of course she is likely, whether she likes it or not, to draw greatest comparisons with fellow teen-queen Hillary Duff and the presence of songs like Disconnected and Anything But Me is not going to help matters. The song Rumors also manages to be weary about the pitfalls of stardom and the toll it takes on a young woman who has lost weight, hair colour and (possibly) some fans along the road to ubiquity.

If you’re looking for a rocking good time with a teenage drama queen’s music for company (and are in that magical 10-14 year age group) this is so the album for you… like, totally.

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