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Low Millions
Low Millions lead singer/songwriter Adam Cohen offers up sultry songs about slinky girls in a voice that's drop-dead sexy and with turns of phrases so sharp, they make your head spin. The Record brings you an exclusive interview.

9:30 pm (Los Angeles time) Adam Cohen is running late. Several of the phone interviews he has been taking that night have spilled over their scheduled time limit and so when we call him, he is apologetic, “Could I possibly ask you to call back in five minutes?” To that voice, as if we could refuse.

It is a voice that we didn't really care about one week ago when the Low Millions was, to us, just another new band to come out of Los Angeles. “11 hook-laden modern pop-rock gems” the press release proclaimed of the album. 'Already heard it,' we thought - 'it's called Songs About Jane and Maroon5 got their Grammy for it.' Then we receive the Low Millions album, unpromisingly titled Ex-Girlfriends, on which there is, guess what - a song about Jane! How good can this thing be? Several repeat listens later, we have to confess - we're addicted.

The songs are, as promised, overflowing with hooks both musical and lyrical. The band comprises of skilled musicians who honed their talents while working as sessions players for artists like John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan, Collective Soul, Vanessa Carlton and Robbie Williams. And Cohen is a pretty stunning lyricist, not unlike his father. But more on that later.

What we want to know is - which ex-girlfriend named on the album belongs to which band member. Cohen laughs at the question, “It's embarrassing to say that these are actually all my ex-girlfriends...I will say though that these relationships did not all occur in my first year of college! They were spread out over an appropriate period of time.” Fair enough. Were there any girls that got left out of the album? He thinks about this a moment, “Yes there are and because of that I think it's best that I don't speak about them. So they don't feel bad.” Indeed.

The 32-year-old French-Canadian is no stranger to intense feelings - bad or otherwise. On the album he travels down many roads - broken-hearted, mournful, drunken, aching, sardonic, forlorn, and, (very attractively) desperately in lust. Ah, the lust. A cursory listen might leave you with the feeling that it exists even in his most sombre tunes. So much the better, right?

A scope that diverse must come from an equally varied range of influences we figure. Cohen agrees, “Low Millions, the band, is about lyrically driven pop-rock songs that are explosive, passionate and truthful. There's a hint of U2, The Wallflowers, Leonard Cohen, Sade, Prince, The Police - in other words, all our favourite influences.” Leonard Cohen. He glides over the name so casually you almost miss it. Leonard Cohen, a poet, novelist and songwriter so revered, the only names you take in the same breath are that of his American counterpart Bob Dylan, and…no one else so far. To Adam Cohen, he's just…Dad! But seriously, Leonard Cohen! What Mother Teresa is to beauty contestants, Leonard Cohen is to songwriters. It must therefore be annoying, as his son, to be constantly compared to such a legend. He counters, “No it's completely normal. And I share the same fascination, perhaps more deeply even than most people do with Leonard Cohen; his work has influenced me tremendously and in the most positive way.” Like his father, Adam sings about women - a lot. His frank sexuality is at times startling but never sleazy, and his lyrical musings are positioned in music that's catchy enough to prevent the whole thing from sounding pretentious.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with the Low Millions in the August 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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