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Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down The Days - Sony BMG The asymmetrical hair is no more. The pout has been replaced by a smile and it appears that Natalie Imbruglia is settling into a more grown-up, less manufactured image. Though she is no longer single, she is sure to continue to inhabit the fantasies of fanboys around the world. Itís been four years since the release of the singer/model/actressís 2001 album White Lillies Island and it appears that the time away has done her some good.

The album kick-starts with a guitar-riff that immediately brings to mind that unshakeable intro to her biggest hit Torn. With the very next track Shiver, which was the first single off the new album, this new collection of twelve tracks settles into its own groove and we are taken through an album that may or may not reflect the mind space of a woman basking in the glow of being recently married. The title track is the second single from the album and it is one of the stronger offerings from a singer whose follow-ups to her big breakout hit have often left critics and fans scratching theirs heads while wondering whether she was interested in being an alternative rock pin-up or a straight ahead pop princess.

While it is clear that Ms. Imbruglia isnít pulling out fresh rabbits out of her hat with this album it is also certain that her new album is good enough for a couple of skip-free plays without causing her die-hard fans too much distress.

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