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The Offspring - Greatest Hits - Sony BMG They got together in the early nineties and managed to hold onto a fan base during the hysteria surrounding Nirvana and the other Seattle grunge bands. Along the way, they recorded hits, toured in support of them and no doubt earned themselves some serious cash. It is 2005 and The Offspring are one more act to put out a collection of their biggest hits in one place, on one CD.

The prime focus here is on hit singles, right from - Come Out And Play (Keep Them Separated), and Self Esteem to the better recognised Pretty Fly (For A White Guy), The Kids Aren't Alright, and Why Don't You Get A Job? Most of the band's career is chronicled here, and chronicled well for the most part. In addition to the big ones, this collection also features songs like Defy You which only featured on the Orange County soundtrack. Additionally, one of the things that this collection does right is, it features the songs in chronological order, making it easy to chart the growth of the band through the music.

Unfortunately the album is not a complete collection with tracks like The Meaning Of Life and I Choose not making the cut (which could upset die-hard fans). Seeing as this is a collection of the greatest hits of a band that often did not get its due in terms of press or adulation, this is not a bad collection for the casual fan and there is enough good material in here to rock out to. What more can one ask for from a Greatest Hits compilation?

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