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Nick Lachey
As one half of pop music's most popular couple, Nick Lachey spent the last few years playing infinitely patient, loving husband to Jessica Simpson, his pretty singer wife with, let's just say, an extremely 'blonde joke' outlook on life. The well-documented relationship ended earlier this year and it seems like this is the first time Lachey's solo musical career will be able to come into its own. With a brand new album to promote, new cities to tour and new fans to gather along the way, Lachey has no time to cry into his beer!

The singer talks to The Record in an exclusive interview and we come away rooting for him to get out there and kick some butt! Here he is, talking about his music, his life, his public image and even what he's hiding in his pocket.

The new album is very, very personal to me...
It is inspired by what has happened in my personal life over the last year or so and I think itís a very honest and very personal record. Whatís Left Of Me is a great song as an introduction to the album. I think it represents the album really well. The second single I Canít Hate You Anymore is another favourite of mine. Another song called Beautiful is also my favourite on the record.
There are no collaborations on the record ~ itís just me for the most part, but for those who are familiar with me from the past and from 98 Degrees, itís a very, very different sound and very different approach. I wanted to branch out and challenge myself to grow as an artist. On my first solo record I didnít really have the opportunity to change my style and find something new. On this one I felt like I had a lot more freedom to do that. The biggest thing was to see what happened and challenge myself from there.

The fans have been hugely supportive...
They have responded really well to the album so far and thatís been wonderful. You put it out there and you never know how people will respond to it but I think the response has been fantastic and that feels great! Playing live is my favourite thing about the music business. The opportunity to be spontaneous and creative and to perform in front of the fans, night in and night out is a really special thing. Iím really excited to get back on tour. Hopefully as the album grows worldwide I will be able to make some more trips outside the country and even come to India. Iíd love that!

Growing up I listened to such a wide variety of music...
I loved everything from Stevie Wonder to Bob Dylan, to The Beatles ~ thatís kind of what my parents were into. I got into hip-hop, R&B, classic rock and jazz growing up so it feels like Iíve kind of been exposed to a wide variety of musical influences. The thing I listen to more than anything though is Led Zeppelin. Iím a big classic rock fan. My dream collaboration would be with Sade. Iím a huge fan of hers and I think it would be an incredible opportunity if that dream came true.

I think Iím a very passionate person...
I feel strongly about whatever I do, whether itís music or life or just, everythingÖ Hopefully when people think of me they think of this down-to-earth, normal guy. Someone who is very passionate about what I do. As for what is surprising about meÖ I did play the saxophone. [Laughs] itís been many, many years since I played, but I used to. I donít have many hidden talents though ~ Iím a decent basketball player and Iím a heck of a dart player. As far as acting goes, I filmed a TV pilot in the spring but it didnít get picked up. I had a lot of fun doing that though. Honestly, if acting opportunities come to me itís great but right now music is the priority and Iím trying to focus all my attention and energy on the music.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Nick Lachey in the August 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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