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Krishna Trance 2 - Various Artists - Vale Music For a short period in the mid-1990s, trance enjoyed significant commercial success with support from acts like The Chemical Brothers and Paul Oakenfold. The music turned up in video games, commercials and many Hollywood blockbusters like The Matrix, Mortal Combat and even the John Woo movies. However as trance entered the mainstream it alienated many of its original fans.

For as the industry became bigger, entities like Ministry Of Sound and DJs began to alter their sound to that of a more pop based one, so as to make the sound more accessible to an even wider and younger audience. So itís getting harder and harder to find the real club sound trance fans love. Vale Entertainment was one of the first to bring the genre to India, and they have a reputation for releasing top notch stuff like the hardcore Goa stuff and the Buddha Trance series.

Their last release Krishna Trance had enough energy to get us so worked up that we wanted to leave the office in the middle of the day and run to the nearest dance club. Volume 2 tries to pick up from where the last one left off, doing a nice job of gathering together ten mixes of the best new trance there is. The album starts off a little predictably with Krishna Power, a house track full of an Oldfield vibraphone loop, but the spaced-out backdoor beats of Krishna Land fits into the tapestry well, as does the beat and rhythm combination on tracks Overdose and Investigation.

Unlike recent compilations that pass themselves off as trance but are really bubblegum Euro dance music, this one tries to retain the rawer quality of the original sound that was so popular in the nineties. This is good, but pales in comparison to the first one in the series.

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