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Them Clones
They might call themselves 'clones' but when it comes to music they go ahead and do their own thing, setting themselves apart from the crowd. The rock fans need no introduction to this Delhi-based band. For those new to them, we can tell you that it's their music that has brought all the accolades. A tight live set and a solid collection of entertaining original songs is what they have to offer and from the looks of it, big things are happening for them. As they get set to endorse top guitar brand Fender, Romit (bass), Gucci (guitar) and Dev (drums) talk to The Record about their journey so far.

The Record: Tell us about your association with Fender.
Gucci: My association with Fender developed over the years after listening to favourite records by Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam etc. I picked up my own Fender Squire Strat subsequently and went about recording and gigging with it. After six years of gigging, when we thought of endorsing one product that has been consistently part of Them Clonesí gear, we decided and were fortunate enough to get an endorsement with Fender USA.

Dev: It's been facilitated by Mr. Jasbir Singh of Onstage music and Mr. Jon Gold of Fender. We are probably the first Indian band to endorse the # 1 guitar brand in the world.

Romit: Fender has always been our favourite name for guitars and basses, but I guess now it's even better because we're endorsing them. This basically means they'll give us guitars to play on and we'll be playing Fender guitars exclusively and be like mini brand ambassadors. I say mini because I donít think we're big enough to be called 'ambassadors'...yet.

TR: You represented India at the JD SET international festival in the U.K. earlier this year. Tell us about the experience of playing there.
Gucci: Actually it was more of an exposure setting for us. We were invited for the party at Shunt Vaults in central London, which saw two bands for the evening, the opening act was a French act called Rhesus and the headliners were The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from the USA.

Romit: We didnít play there, we were representing the country in the festival and we got to meet the bands and exchange notes.

Dev: We would have definitely left a mark if we played there. It was more of an all-expense paid trip to London for two days. We met 18 winning bands from 18 different countries along with their managers in tow. Got to see two great bands perform and also hooked up gigs in Manchester in June 2006. But these got canned due to exams and work pressure.

TR: What did you take away as a band from that experience?
Gucci: Earnestly, a strong desire to hit the stage. There were many people at the gig, though the numbers dwindled as BRMC went through their slow set. We were raving for a chance to do our thing. We distributed our material among the crowd, got e-mails for subsequent gigging options in Manchester and London, which had to be canned because some of the guys had exams etc.

Romit: It was a really awesome experience. We went around giving our profiles to the music labels and radio stations and met a lot of cool people. We spent our time networking and a great time travelling, shopping and jamming for hours at music shops.

Dev: Bands over there are doing their s****Ö so are we!

You can read the rest of our feature on Them Clones in the August 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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