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The Buzz:
Theyíve slowly but steadily grown as a band, and with the increasing international attention coming their way recently, theyíre surely going places. This metal band has undergone a lot of line-up changes in the past decade, but theyíre proud to present the new band that they formed in 2004, and feel this is their best form ever.

The Highlights:
ē The French TV channel Arte did a metal documentary on the band.
ē Their MySpace community is quite active; and recently, a manager from Europe who is associated with bands such as Exodus and Megadeth called up and took on the band.
ē They have just released their second album, Connect & Inspire.
ē BBC shot a documentary on the band, which was aired internationally.
ē Zomb has done some classical singing for AIR and Doordarshan.

The Record Q & A
(The questions are answered by Zomb who is the vocalist/guitarist of the band.)

The Record: How did the band come together?
Metakix: We have been around for 11 years; we had whole lot of line-up changes, but the current line-up has been strong since 2004. We have performed in most of the big cities; the current line-up came about when Viresh and I got together and through friends found Sheldon. Nicky responded through an advertisement that we had put up. We had auditions, and immediately, within a month of the band coming together, played our first website launch gig.
I believe the new line-up is the best Iíve ever played with. Itís a totally different experience playing with new people. The band is now more structured as compared to what it was previously. The song-writing is stronger and has improved by leaps and bounds. If one listens to the material played a decade ago and now, the difference is sure to blatantly come across. I love this line-up; everyone is committed, very talented and itís a potent mixture.

TR: What is the story behind the name of your band?
Metakix: Iím into writing software documentation and keep inventing words that donít exist in the dictionary, but [where] the meanings are implied. The name Metakix also emerged at a juncture when I wanted to come up with a new word. Meta means the state of transition and kix because people do stuff for a kick thatís what the nameís all about. I wanted to capture the feel of constant evolution, coupled with the excitement of playing. It was easy to make a website, because the word did not exist (laughs).

TR: Tell us about each member of the band, their musical background and personality.
Metakix: The band consists of:

Nicky, bass: He is very sensitive and has a mad, wild streak in him. Nicky is unpredictable. He listens to a lot of thrash metal, trance and is also the youngest in the band. I would say he is an excellent bass player and a quick learner.

Sheldon, drummer: Sheldon is naÔve and can be easily manipulated. He is aloof, but not ignorant; chooses to believe that there is no wrong in the world. He essentially started off as a saxophone player and then switched to drums. Sheldonís dad is a good harmonica player and thatís where he gets his musical sensibility from. His influences include death metal bands and classic rock.

Viresh, guitars: This guy is the exact opposite of Sheldon; heís well aware of whatís happening and can easily influence people in a positive way. He doesnít get affected by things and no one would know whether he is in his best or worst mood because he is very indifferent. The best thing about him is his confidence. Viresh is an excellent lead guitarist and listens to a lot of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Metallica and Dream Theater.

Zomb: I think I have tons of patience and perseverance. Iím a dreamer and will keep doing things without knowing what lies at the other end. Iím very emotional and attached to the band. Itís difficult to let go; I tried it once and went almost crazy. We all like to party a lot. I have an Indian classical background, but Iím into a lot of thrash metal. Sepultura, Metallica, Kreator, Pantera are some of my favourite bands.

You can read the rest of our feature Metakix: Rockin' India in the August 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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