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KELLY CLARKSON – MY DECEMBER In a recent online poll, Kelly Clarkson was named the sexiest pop star from Texas, but we’re guessing you know her as the teenager that beat out thousands of other contestants and won the hearts of three judges (not to mention 90 million voters) in 2002, to win the first season of the world’s biggest talent show, American Idol.

2004’s Breakaway proved beyond a doubt that she wasn’t just a one hit wonder; it yielded five top 10 hits and even won her two Grammy Awards. With follow up release My December, Clarkson takes charge of her own creative vision; and the result is as catchy as it is confounding. Thanks to the furious leadoff single Never Again ~ the kind of hard rocking revenge fantasy that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Alanis Morrisette album ~ the CD debuted high at #2 on the US charts and is currently in the top 10 the world over. That this effort even got made is another story; she fired her manager, cancelled her US tour and was even given a very public telling down by the legendary Clive Davis for wanting to shed her pop sound – a wonderful cesspool that all added to the lyrical content here.

Her revelations are neither gratuitous nor vain. Betrayal (Judas), anger (Don’t Waste Your Time) and love (Sober) are the main recurring themes among the 13 tracks, smartly-crafted, eloquent expressions of a young woman determined to be part pin-up, part riot girl and part mainstream pop diva. Longtime fans are in for a surprise: instead of the trademark girlie pop, the songs are supercharged fare. They rock and shock with driving guitar riffs, but it shouldn’t turn the fans off. Good for a couple of spins.

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