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They asked you not to be shy in their breakthrough hit and theyíre certainly leading by example! Meet Amrita, Legha and Laura ~ the girls of Rouge.

After a successful launch with the hit Donít Be Shy, the girls are back with a full-length album that brings together dance beats with diverse cultural influences including Arabic, bhangra and good old pop. Check out what they have to say.

How did Rouge, the band, come about?
Amrita: Well it kind of started off when I joined the record label a couple of years back and I just started recording some songs. Originally they wanted to put me in another band, but that kind of fell through so I continued studying at the time and waited to meet the right girls because I always wanted to be part of a girl band. Time went on and eventually I was introduced to Legha who was also introduced to the record label, she was writing tracks at the timeÖand Laura at the time was still doing her ĎAí levels which is why she came on board after that. We all just kind of gelled really well and thatís when we recorded Donít Be Shy.

Of course everyone wants to know ~ why the name Rouge?
Laura: Rouge is like a definition for red, which means passion, love and we all have such an individual love for music and singing.

Legha: Itís also a very feminine name.

Tell us about your musical background.
Amrita: Well basically I grew up studying classical music and even got grades in classical music. I learnt how to play the piano and was even in the choir. I really got involved in the whole performing arts thing and everyone was always encouraging me to get involved in that side of things.

Legha: My mum is a writer, so is my father and my brother is a producer so my whole family is really into music. My granddad too was a writer so IĎve always grown up with music around me. I used to dance a lot in front of the camera too.

Laura: Well Iíve kind of been singing ever since I started talking really. I joined every choir I could possibly join at school and we used to tour all around the world and I loved performing. I was also really into drama.

Culturally, where are you girls originally from?
Legha: Iím half Lebanese and half Persian.

Laura: Iím Egyptian.

Amrita: And Iím Indian.

What does each of you bring to the group?
Laura: We all have our own individual quality yet we all have a ĎRougeí style, donít you think? We fuse together well. Legha has this huskiness and sexiness about her, Amrita is very hip and her voice is great.

Amrita: And Lauraís very soulful and energetic.

Laura: Even when it comes to writing weĎre quite different, but in a positive way. Legha can write about anything, even if itís about a tree, whereas [Amrita and I] need to explore the tree first.

Do you think itís harder for you in the music industry because itís so male dominated?
Amrita: In the Asian scene it can be, but weíve been quite lucky and weíve had full support from the label and each other, but thatís expected really. In the mainstream it isnít so bad because there are more females in the market.

You can read the rest of our feature on Rouge in the August 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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