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Alanis Morissette
In person Alanis Morissette may be much smaller than her on-TV avatar, but as we figured out in the ten short minutes we spent exclusively with the singer, the force of her personality shines through just as strongly. The multi-award winning Canadian singer/songwriter put out her first album in 1991, but it was four years after the self-titled debut that she truly made her mark. 1995ís Jagged Little Pill is still hailed as one of the ultimate works of female singer/songwriter genius and the tenth anniversary of the record in 2005 will see a re-release with bonus tracks and other special features.
In the meantime, Morissette, who became an icon for angry young women the world over, released three more successful albums, directed videos, explored acting, become an ordained minister and possibly most importantly, found true love. While we did not spot her fiancť, fellow Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, in Mumbai, the effect he has on her was very evident in her radiant smile and the way she lit up every time we mentioned him. The Record presents an exclusive interview with the superstar.

The Record: Youíre here in India for an awards ceremony Ė what do awards mean to you personally?
Alanis Morissette: Iíve never really believed in the whole concept of competition. I do believe in honouring, though, so I donít need a plaque or a statue to honour what it is that Iím doing. As long as I come up with some sort of self-acknowledgement ritual or Ö I think thatís the most important thing Ė that we honour our own expression.

TR: 2005 is the 10th anniversary of Jagged Little Pill Ė what do you think when you look back at the album now?
AM: I just think itís such a great snapshot of that period of time in my life! The real urgency from the anger and having repressed a lot of emotions, came from a background of people encouraging me only to be happy. ĎDonít be sad, donít be confused, donít be depressedí Ė so many years of pushing that down, it just exploded.

TR: Did you know when you were writing the songs that it would become so big?
AM: No. [Laughs] I did feel that they were special Ė I always feel that everything I do is special. [Laughs]
TR: It made you into the ultimate icon for a lot of angry girls out there. Was that something you were comfortable with at the time?
AM: Yeah, more and more so now probably more than ever, I feel like Iíve grown into the feminist I always wanted to be as a young person.
TR: Did the fact that people had examined all your songs so closely influence your future writing?
AM: There was a lot of pressure to hurry up and write the next album. But in terms of when Iím writing, in my journal and all of that, I am aware that some of what Iím writing may turn into a song but ultimately I just write for myself. The act of sharing turns into almost like an activist act. Sharing it with my own self in my journal, I donít really think about who Iíll be sharing it with eventually.

TR: Speaking of close examination - there are a lot of theories about why you cut your hairÖ
AM: Well I just was ready to cut my hair. I had long hair for a long time and I was very bored. Thatís it! [Laughs]
TR: Okay, so no deep spiritual thing behind it?
AM: No!

TR: Great, so the record is set straight on that. Now we have to ask about your fiancť Ryan Reynolds Ė when you first realised you had feelings for him, did you think ĎOh my God, Iím falling in love with that goof from Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Placeí?
AM: [Laughs out loud] See I love goofs! I love people that can be very self-deprecating and funny and not take themselves too seriously. And he is so that guy! Heís amazing.

TR: Yeah and now he is also that really hot guy from Blade Trinity. You knew that was lurking underneath the goofiness.
AM: All you have to do is spend two minutes with Ryan and you can tell that heís got a whole range! [Smiles]

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Alanis Morissette in the December 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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