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Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled - Sony Music Everyone seemed so surprised when word got out that Destiny's Child would be returning with a new album. After all, their lead singer Beyonce Knowles in 2003 shed her last name, released her debut Dangerously In Love, and became a bona fide superstar. From Hollywood movies to the 2004 Grammy Awards, she’s as hot as Madonna was in the 1980’s.

Still she’s back with sidekicks Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, with Destiny Fulfilled picking up where they left off after 2001’s chartbusting Survivor. This time around, the twenty-something ladies reveal a more mature, sensual side, particularly on songs like the marching band inspired first single Lose My Breath, the flushing Cater 2 U and the raunchy T-Shirt. After a first listen, the twelve tracks seem mediocre as there seems to be no real direction or real concept on this album at all. Their previous Grammy winning effort was filled with soaring harmonies, rich with rhythm and nuance and brimming with the passionate, purposeful style that is quintessentially their own. This album leaves a lot to be desired. And what happen to their independent woman anthem types, which made them a household name in the first place. They’ve suddenly turned into dependent women desperate for their men, and melancholy tales of women done wrong take a back seat.

The girls sound like they are in a different place in their lives, and the music shows. Still the classic soul-inspired Is She The Reason or the gospel-infused Through With It, makes this album listenable for awhile. With talk of Beyonce releasing another album by next summer, this is possibly the last album Destiny’s Child will record for awhile, which is probably a good thing.

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