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DJ Domino
DJ Domino Vernall is the first trance female DJ to be recognised all over the world. The Record catches up with her as she prepares to play at the Bacardi Breezer Vivid party which is also the launch of Jamaican Passion, the latest Breezer flavour.

The Record: Is Domino your real name?
Domino: [Laughs] Yes it is Ė Domino Vernall.

TR: What kind of trance do you play?
Domino: My style is more funky, uplifting trance. It also can get quite full on, but not too intense.

TR: You were raised in Goa which is the spiritual birthplace of trance in India Ė how did that influence your musical tastes?
Domino: I was raised in Goa but in the time that I was raised there, there wasnít really too much trance or anything. Iíve been collecting music since I was really young and then I just started DJing.

TR: Where is your favourite place to party when youíre not in your official role as DJ?
Domino: Japan! Everything about it is great. The people are great, parties are brilliant, the decorations are great. Itís one of my favourite places to party in. Also I didnít really have a home because I travelled so much. But for the past year Iíve been in Japan because my husband is Japanese and I have a baby now.

TR: We rarely ever see female DJs. Whatís your take on this?
Domino: I wish there were more female DJs. There are a few but I can understand why there arenít more. Because it is tough. I had it hard but because Iím a strong woman I took it. I took it with a pinch of salt, all the comments or whatever. But for a lot of women it can be scary. For some men their ego gets in the way, they cannot handle seeing a woman doing as good as them Ė Iím not even going to say better Ė but even as good as them. They cannot handle it so they get jealous and pass remarks. The women should just go ahead and just ignore it.

TR: You have a new album coming out next monthÖ
Domino: Itís called Stardrops Over The Ocean. I did the album for people to listen to at home mostly, because sometimes trance music (that you hear in clubs) can be a bit full on and you canít really listen to it at home. This is a mixture and has tribal, Indian, ambient, house, some Japanese, all kinds of influences in there.

You can read the rest of our feature on DJ Domino in the December 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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