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Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff made a name for herself on the enormously successful kids show Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie mania continued through 2002, and Duff began her first steps toward singing. That year, production ended on Lizzie McGuire, freeing Duff to pursue other opportunities. She appeared in the teen spy movie Agent Cody Banks and playing Lizzie one last time in movie format, where she goes to Italy and is mistaken for a teen pop star. The soundtrack also featured several songs by Duff, including the singles Why Not and I Can't Wait. Around that time, she released Metamorphosis, her debut as a singer. The album had a hipper and more eclectic sound, and for the first time helped establish her outside of Lizzie. The year 2004 looked to be just as busy for Duff, with movies like A Cinderella Story and Agent Cody Banks 2 on the docket, as well as a new TV series with CBS. And now, Hilary has a new second album. She is arguably the only teen pop star with the potential to rival or surpass the popularity of Britney Spears, albeit with a very different approach. The Record got an exclusive with the teenager rockerů

The Record (TR): Tell us about your new album Hilary Duff?
Hilary Duff (HD): My new album has a lot of meaning in it, especially when I went into the studio. It was also fun, sitting in the studio and writing out some of the songs. The lyrics of the songs are centered towards me and all that I have done during the past year. I think people will be able to relate to it, as it's a little more mature, it has a little more rock edge to it. It's heavier and I feel everyone will enjoy it. It's about my personality and I just can't wait for people to hear it.

TR: Who did you work with on this album?
HD: I was lucky enough to work with some amazing people: Desmond Child, Dianne Warren and many more I worked with on my earlier album. I think this time there is a different and better sound. I also got a chance to write with my sister and sometimes alone.

TR: How is this album different from Metamorphosis?
HD: I think it is more mature. It's so personal that it talks about relationships that I have gone through. And about how I feel inside. There's so many times that it has blown me over when I am on the road, and it really feels good. I think it's more about how I feel, it's more upbeat, mellow, its more mature and a harder rock sound.

TR: Tell us about your first single Fly?
HD: It's such a beautiful song, even though it's darker, it's more empowering and more motivating. There are times when you can't decide on what you want, there's so much pressure from other people that you can't judge and there's so much that you want to hide, that you just want to open up and let people see your flaws and let it all fly.

TR: Who directed Fly and what's it about?
HD: The video for Fly was directed by Chris Applebaum, and he actually also did my video for So Yesterday. The video that my sister and I did for My Lips Are Sealed is personal because I see Chris everyday, and he's a really nice guy. The video concept is about life, life good side and the bad side, life on the bus, going here, there all over, it just shows you how crazy my life is, it also shows a lot of live concert performances and snapshots of myself when on tour with my band. It's kind of moody and dark, but I love it. It's a lot about my personality and me goofing up and it's a lot of fun.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Hilary Duff in the December 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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