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Skye Sweetnam
This 16-year-old Canadian is fast gaining popularity as one of musicís cool new rockers to watch out for. The Record presents an exclusive conversation with Skye Sweetnam.

The Record: In your song Hypocrite youíre being kind of psychic about the things that people would say about you when you were launched. Tell us more.
Skye Sweetnam: Yes, that song I wrote because I wanted to let everybody out there know that no matter what youíre going to say about me, Iím always going to do what I want, no matter what. And I kind of wanted to beat to the chase all the critics and the people that try to put you in a box, and say ĎI know youíre going to say mean things about me but Iím still going to do exactly what I wantí.

TR: And what is Sharada about?
SS: That song is about a girl that grows up and has a song stuck in her head and maybe she has a dream stuck in her head that she canít get out and she just drifts through everyday life and nobody really knows what sheís thinking about. And the word Ďsharadaí, some people take it as a name, like itís a name of a girl, for me it was just a sing-song word.

TR: How did you decide to do cover the Blondie song Heart Of Glass?
SS: I love that song and I just wanted to do my own version and show people that I love Deborah Harryís work and I think that people when they compare me to other artists, itís a jumping off point to say that I really admire this female rocker, sheís full of class and she really likes to rock. I also wanted for the younger generation who hasnít heard a lot of these songs in the past to start getting into older music because it is really really great.

TR: You do get compared a lot to some artists. What is your approach to that?
SS: I always say that it doesnít really affect me because I will let people say what they say and I know that everybody has their own opinions and thereís a lot of really great artists out there and itís really flattering sometimes to be compared to them. But sometimes it does get a little frustrating when people donít treat me like an individual. And my whole life Iíve really wanted to be an individual and find my own self and be a unique human being and some people wonít see that and thatís just the way there are. And you know what, I shouldnít feel bad because there are some people that want to get to know me, and there are some people that canít be bothered and just want to put you in a box and compare you to other people. I donít worry about that too much, I just keep doing what Iím doing.

TR: You were touring with Britney SpearsĖhow was that?
SS: A lot of fun. I got to play in front of thousands of people every single night! It was an amazing sound system and an amazing stage with one of the biggest pop icons of my time. It was great!

TR: Any interesting stories from that tour?
SS: I puked on a radio programmer. I was sick while touring and I had a radio interview and I just kind of vomited all over him. In Germany somewhere I think.

TR: Youíve been travelling to a lot of different places Ė have any of them specifically inspired new songs for you?
SS: A couple of instances where Iíve been inspired not just because Iíve been there but because I really wanted to go there. I wrote a song, itís not on the album, but itís called Tidal Wave. Actually I speak Japanese in it a little bit, and I talk about tsunamis and all that good stuff. Itís about being swallowed up by a tidal wave. Itís amazing. I really love Japan I love the style, the food, experiencing different cultures so for me it was a blast.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Skye Sweetnam in the December 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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