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Rolling Stones-Live Licks - EMI Music Mick Jagger and the boys launched the Forty Licks tour in 2002, playing to 3.5 million fans from over two dozen countries. The tour even saw their first concerts in India as well in mid 2003. At its core, it was a greatest-hits tour to promote their new compilation CD of the same name, but they played with their set lists, performed different album tracks, cult favorites, and a few covers here and there too.

The tour was also lavishly chronicled in the near recent four - DVD set Forty Licks, but there still wasn't an audio album of the concert available till now. Titled Live Licks, this 23 track, five-decade-spanning anthology is filled with lots of really well-chosen stuff we've never heard the Stones do live. The first disc is devoted to the songs any Stones fan will know by heart, the core of their 60ís work from Brown Sugar, Paint It Black to (I Canít Get No) Satisfaction. The second disc covers album hits to classic R&B covers and tunes never before on another Stones live album. Their love for American rock music shows on the cover tunes found here from B.B. King's Rock Me, Baby; Otis Reddingís That's How Strong My Love Is to a loving treatment of Everybody Needs Somebody To Love. Most surprisingly, this album is enough proof that the Rolling Stones still know how to shake a leg, sounding better on this live set than they had in a few years. In the Rolling Stones' catalog, each of their live sets focuses on a limited period of time in the bands life, making this two-disc set unique in the fact thatís itís the Stones new millennium career-spanning scope.

Still, if you're looking for a good live Stones album, pick up Get Your Ya Yas Out or their later effort Flashpoint instead. Most of the songs here on Live Licks have been edited to make them shorter. The song selection as well is haphazard, thereís no Sympathy For The Devil on this set, and thatís the one song thatís always been consistent in any live Stones concert. Hardcore Stones fans will be extremely disappointed.

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