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Bryan Adams - Anthology - Universal Music To his credit, heís the worldís most famous Canadian. His songs have topped the charts in over 30 countries, and Everything I Do, I Do For You earned him a place in the Guinness World Book of Records for the longest-running top single in British music history ~ a record thatís yet to be broken. With songs like 18 Till I Die, Letís Make A Night To Remember and Summer Of í69, heís given millions of teenagers, twenty and thirty-somethingís enough memories to last a lifetime and pass onto the next generation as well.

Spanning thirty-six tracks over the course of two CDs, this new release is by far the most comprehensive Bryan Adams greatest hits ever released. 1993's So Far So Good was frustratingly incomplete, and Anthology aims to right that. Along with the standard radio staples, the compilation spans from the lesser-known tracks to the big tearjerkers. Over twenty-five years he has cobbled together a most impressive body of work.

Disc 1 overflows with big hits, kicking off with a cut off Adams's self-titled 1980 debut, before moving on to the cream of his early repertoire ~ Run To You, Somebody, Heaven, Summer Of Ď69, Everything I Do ~ roughly giving us the chart history until about 1993. Disc 2 chronicles everything that happened thereafter in his career, # 1 hits like Please Forgive Me (which was the new song recorded for the So Far So Good compilation), All For Love (with Sting and Rod Stewart on vocals), Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman (which got him another Oscar nomination) and uber ballad Letís Make A Night To Remember get the CD off to a great start. If youíre a Bryan Adams devotee looking for something new, tracks So Far So Good and Iím Not The Man You Think I Am, as well an unreleased live version of 18 Till I Die, should quench your appetite.

Arguably this is Bryan Adams most essential album. It collects all the signature hits along with fan personal favourites (I was thrilled to find One Night Love Affair from 1984ís Reckless), rarities (Lonely Nights) and the few previously unreleased performances. A point to note ~ while this doesn't have every chart hit he's had (notably missing are his duet with Barbara Streisand I Finally Found Someone and his tender love song Do I Have To Say The Words), Anthology chronologically takes you from his first album to 2005, which should keep the fans, new or old, satisfied. No matter what your musical taste is, his music is destined to put a smile on your face. This is pop music at its finest. Now go spread the word.

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