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Happy Monday - Various Artists - EMI Music Everybody should know the rule of thumb by now: If a compilation can add ten or more songs to your music collection that you would really like to have, then you get it without any hesitation.

Happy Monday is treasure chest of a whole bunch of classic tracks, guaranteed to give you an unlimited hour of wonderful memories. The twenty-six track listing kicks off with some good old fashioned rock and roll with Chubby Checkerís fabulous Letís Twist Again, before moving onto the cream of 1960s bubblegum pop with The Beach Boys (Fun Fun Fun), The Seekers (Georgie Girl) and Manfred Mann (Do Wah Diddy Diddy). It thatís not enough, throw in a classic Cliff Richard track with his band The Shadows, The Foundations with Build Me Up Buttercup, and even Little Eva doing The Locomotion. What makes this a great collection is the more eclectic offerings like folk singer Loboís Me And You and A Dog Name Boo, Sandie Shaw with a cover of Elvisís Puppet On A String, and Tommy Roe with his psychedelic 1960s smash Dizzy.

Sadly, there are also some filler tracks that perhaps would have been better off left in the sixties and seventies, rather than resurrected to hurt our ears again. Oliverís Good Morning Starshine and Hot Butterís Popcorn spring to mind as such on this album. You get a true feeling that everyday is a Happy Monday after listening to this excellent collection. It would have been nice if the Beatles, Elvis or even the Bee Gees and their kind were on a compilation like this, but itís never going to happen due to the copyright restrictions, so this might be as good as it gets. Two thumbs up all the way.

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