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Sean Paul - The Trinity - Warner Music If there's been a pervasive topic in Sean Paulís music, it's that the man loves the ladies. His first single in 1997 was the aptly titled Ladies Man. His 2000 debut album Stage One trailed behind artists like Shaggy and failed to make a lasting dent on the charts. That changed with 2002's million selling Dutty Rock. It spawned a string of # 1 hits including Get Busy and Gimme The Light, won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album, and led him to a # 1 hit duet with Beyoncť on Baby Boy. So itís a difficult act to follow.

This new one can't replicate the novelty of Dutty Rock, but otherwise, this is an impressively more mature and laboured-over album. Named The Trinity because itís Sean Paul's third album three years in the making and made entirely in the Third World, the album just got nominated for the 2006 Grammy Awards. Lyrically heís only improved a notch but musically, the album sounds more credible, especially on collaborations with Nina Sky and Tami Chynn. Blaring out of most radios and clubs for most of 2005, first single We Be Burniní flew up the Billboard Charts and became a huge international hit.

Using harder hip-hop inspired beats and meaner lyrics, the eighteen tracks sound harsher than his previous efforts as Paul tries to set himself aside from the day to day dancehall music he is known for. Straight Up will appeal to the street-oriented, while Connection (featuring Nina Sky) is richly textured in soulfulness. There are a few duds on here as well, the sickly-sweet and syrupy Iíll Take You There being one of his worst offenders. When compared to his previous effort, the album fails to have enough appeal to earn new crowds of fans. Download the key tracks (for a price); donít waste your money buying this.

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