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50 Cent: Live In Concert
Hip-hop sensation 50 Cent was in Mumbai to perform at MMRDA Grounds in Bandra on November 18. Over 6,000 people attended the show and that was a pleasant surprise. So far, concerts in India registered crowds of above a couple of thousand heads only for rock or pop shows. 50 Cent changed all that. Respect.

The large turnout was a welcome sight, especially after Beyonce’s gig at the same venue in October attracted dismal numbers. Before the show, the buzz was that there are just too many gigs happening and people are facing concert fatigue. 50 Cent surprised everyone by getting a full house. Though a lot of credit goes to the organisers and sponsors for keeping ticket prices affordable: the passes cost Rs 1,000 and Rs 600. The gig was organised by Oranjuice Entertainment and presented by Smirnoff Experience.

32-year-old Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent aka Fiddy was in top form through the entire performance. Loaded with bling, walking the walk, talking the talk and backed by his homies Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and DJ Whoo Kid, collectively known as G-Unit, the rap star delivered the goods for a full ninety minutes. The crowd, the energy, the performance and 125,000 watts of sound were all part of the experience that didn’t have a dull moment. 50 Cent got on stage with Tony and Lloyd rapping along, while Whoo Kid tweaked the mixes. The hip-hop group hit the spot with their infectious energy and spot-on rapping. The young and loud crowd loved every moment of it and all the hands were up in the air. Fiddy performed an extensive set comprising of 37 songs.

Fiddy’s stage act and intense performance, which evidently requires a lot of stamina and concentration, makes it clear that despite being shot nine times in 2000, he has what it takes and then some. The man kept it tight and sweaty. Tony and Lloyd were equally on target. Whoo Kid accentuated his fat beats with the sound of gun shots which is a sound that best describes the attitude of 50 Cent ~ dangerous and unstoppable. Coming up the hard way, Fiddy was a cocaine dealer and gangster on the streets of New York before he became a rap star. After being shot by an assailant, who left him for dead, 50 Cent took to music but he still had some scores to settle. The alleged shooter was murdered three weeks later, though the police couldn’t say if Fiddy did it. The rapper’s violent past is reflected in his lyrics and his gangsta’ style was evident in his performance in Mumbai. The visuals of guns in the background screen added to the vibe.

A good gangster keeps his friends happy. 50 Cent gave the crowd what they wanted and they loved it. When Fiddy and his posse performed some of their biggest hits such as Candy Shop and Ayo Technology, the crowd was lapping it up and moving to the groove. They went wild when the show ended with his best known song, In Da Club. Some girls giggled a lot when the rapper took off his shirt to show his toned physique.

There were college kids, city clubbers and quite a few celebrities in the house though the latter confined themselves to the VVIP area to get themselves snapped by the Page 3 press. Meanwhile, the guys at the very front were doing what is supposed to be done at a rap gig. They screamed along to every chorus, including one that simply went, “Smoke Weed”. Those closer to the stage were also lucky to grab Fiddy’s cap, shirt and sneakers, which the rapper threw into the crowd at the end of the show while they cheered him on.

You can read the rest of our feature 50 Cent: Live In Concert in the December 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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