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Nick Carter
Itís always an exciting day at the office when we get a chance to talk to a superstar. This month we bring you an exclusive conversation with none other than Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. Thatís right; the blonde, blue-eyed hottie took time off from his busy schedule to talk to us over the phone about lots of things including the new music, the biggest misconception about the group and the answer to the question: how did the Backstreet Boys become one of the biggest selling pop groups of all time? Read on for more.

The Record: The group is back after a long time; what do you miss most about the Backstreet Boys when youíre on a break?
Nick: What I miss the most is the travelling. We travel all around the world, touring. Those are the things that we miss the most. Itís been a while since weíve been on the road, so we are excited to get that going now.

TR: All of you have songwriting credits on this album; if we were to get a peek into the studio while the band was working, what would we see?
Nick: Being in the studio, writing with one another is cool. Weíve done it in the past too, but this time in particular was a great experience. We had taken a trip to Nashville, Tennessee to write and we took three weeks and stayed there and wrote together and lived together. When we write songs we write about personal things or sometimes we make up fictional stories. All of the songs we are involved in on this record are up-tempo songs. We really wanted to be involved in choosing the tracks on this album and we thought we wanted more songs to dance to, more up-tempo tracks to sing on stage.

TR: The Backstreet Boys are one of the biggest selling pop groups of all time. Simple question: how did you do it?
Nick: We would say that we did it by having great music that we loved. We love our music. We are fans of our songs. Itís all about the music.

TR: What has been the biggest misconception about the Backstreet Boys?
Nick: That weíre a boy band! We wanted to be a vocal harmony group when we started. We wanted to be Boyz II Men and Jodeci [and acts like that]Ö thatís who we wanted to be. We modelled our vocals, our singing after those groups. So I think the misconception is that we are a boy band!

TR: As a pop star that makes so many girls go weak in the knees, what advice would you give regular guys on how to woo the ladies?
Nick: (Laughs) Be confident in yourself. A lot of times youíll be really into a girl and you want to talk to her so much, you can sometimes overwhelm her. Just play it cool and take your time.

TR: Tell us something about the Backstreet Boys that not many people know.
Nick: As a group weíve been dying to get over to India; thatís what you need to know! Itís funny; we go all over the place but weíve never come to India! So itís almost like the readers and everyone else needs to, like, I donít know, call for us, you know what I mean! (Laughs) We heard that we have a lot of fans in India and we just want to come over there and perform for them and bring this amazing show over. Maybe India doesnít realise how much we love them and how much we want to come over there! If you can create this army of demand from our fans in India, we will happily get on a plane and come there!

TR: Okay then, weíll get those letters and emails pouring in ~ make it our missionÖ
Nick: Mission Backstreet! (Laughs)

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Nick Carter in the December 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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