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Speak Easy: Raghav Sachar
This 26-year-old musician/singer/songwriter/producer has come a long way in a few short years. With hit pop songs like Bahon Mein Tu Aaja, Dil Hai Tanha and the successful Kabul Express soundtrack to his credit, you can be sure he’s going to be around for a long time. Here he is talking to us about his new album and his musical journey so far.

On his new album Play It Loud…
“It is an extremely special album. It is my third release and is very youth-centric in feel, but the songs are made so that all age groups will enjoy it. The best example is a track called Dil Hai Dil which spans three generations of music. The first part has English lyrics which have a present day feel. Then it goes into Hindi lyrics with a very 70s RD Burman feel and then there is the part sung by Sunidhi Chauhan which is in the distinct 50s voice. So the part which sounds like a sample from an old song is actually an original composition. Even the instruments have been chosen to fit the particular period. Lots of work has gone into the track and I have really pushed things creatively on the rest of the album as well.

There are a total of eight tracks and I like to keep my music versatile so that people don’t get bored. I like to keep the main melody of all my songs simple so that people can hear and sing them but then the arrangements have a lot of nuances as well that musicians will also relate to.”

On making music for the film Kabul Express…
“Kabul Express was very lucky for me. I was seen performing live at a show and asked to go meet the VP of Yashraj Films. They had initially called me in to do instrumental versions of Yashraj songs, but that didn’t look like it was going to work out. So as I was walking out of the meeting, they mentioned that they had a film that lots of music directors were pitching for and I said I’d like to pitch as well. I heard the brief which said that they needed a catchy song, something that has to have good repetitive value and one that must be easy to sing. I saw some visuals from the film and then came home, played a melody and the song came about from there. Initially, the melody I made was very rock, so I changed the arrangement. I knew it needed motion so we put in this tribal underbed. I played the saxonet ~ a new instrument that is a mix of the clarinet and saxophone ~ and I made a little Arabic melody to suit the whole set up. Finally, we added the qawalli section for the element of Afghan. I presented it in two days to them and they loved it! Then they asked me to do more songs. I kept giving them songs and ended up doing the whole album eventually.

It was a great experience for me. Getting a debut with Yashraj is a big deal in itself and also the team was really great. I got a lot of openings in the industry as a result of it. People saw me not just as an instrumentalist, but as a music director as well. I am now doing three films with Mr. Kumar Mangat. It’s really great, you need people who are willing to do something different and who appreciate music.”

On his journey in the music industry…
“I think my first album was way ahead of its time. I don’t think, even today, the market is ready for instrumental music. It was a bold step for me to take and people who are my fans from that album still curse me for not doing the same kind of project again. It was very pure and came straight from the heart. It was an innocent approach towards music. It was not overly thought out; it was a very soulful, virgin approach towards my career. I do enjoy that, but I also realise the need for mass appeal. For that, I knew I needed to have vocals with my music."

You can read the rest of our feature Speak Easy: Raghav Sachar in the December 2007 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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