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December 2007 We at the Record are definitely ready to experience the new Kylie Minogue album and to get things started we bring you an exclusive interview with the superstar. More

This month we bring you an exclusive conversation with none other than Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. More

Read on for a super exclusive conversation with the charming Nicky Byrne from Westlife. More

November 2007 The Record brings you all you need to know about the Backstreet Boys as they return with their highly anticipated brand new albgum Unbreakable. More

The Record sat down with Grammy-winning rapper Chamillionaire in Mumbai on the afternoon before his performance for VH1’s Hip Hop Hustle for an exclusive conversation. More

September 2007 It’s a given that with new album Curtis, 50 Cent is poised to continue his meteoric rise on the charts and break records worldwide. Read our cover story on the superstar. More

The Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan is back on the charts with her first solo album Are You Listening? She talks to The Record about the past and the present and dealing with the changes they bring. More

Artie Kornfeld (Arthur Lawrence Kornfeld) the official organiser of the landmark 1969 Woodstock Festival, goes down memory lane in this exclusive interview from Mumbai city. More

August 2007 Bon Jovi has been active for over 20 years and they’re showing no signs of stopping. Here they are in our exclusive cover story. More

The Chemical Brothers in a conversation about their new songs, working with technology, measuring success and why they still value album artwork in the age of downloading. More

June 2007 Three years and countless sleepless nights in the making, Enrique Iglesias' new album Insomniac is being hailed as the biggest pop record of 2007. Read our exclusive. More

It’s official: this 19-year-old’s new track Umbrella is the #1 scorching hot hit of the summer! As Rihanna returns with a brand new album and a brand new look, we bring you up to date with everything you need to know about her. More

With band in hand, ex-Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell is in the midst of a comeback, as The Satellite Party. The Record catches up with the manic vocalist in an exclusive interview. More

We let superstar Timbaland himself tell us about the making of the album and get some stories from inside the recording studio. More

May 2007 Linkin Park's last release remained on the charts for almost three years, a lifetime by rock music standards. But as new album Minutes To Midnight demonstrates, that was only the beginning of this rock band about to go supernova. More

LA band Maroon 5 have had a long, arduous journey. Their success may not have come overnight, but it’s here to stay. More

Grammy-nominated singer Natasha Bedingfield returns with a supremely catchy tune and lots more up her sleeve. Read on for our interview. More

April 2007 This month Avril Lavigne releases her third studio album entitled The Best Damn Thing, a disc unlike anything she’s ever done before. Check out our cover story. More

Now that Take That is back, The Record went on a mission to get an exclusive interview and the kind folks at Universal Music obliged. So here we are, presenting to you, The Record’s exclusive interview with Jason Orange of Take That. More

March 2007 We invite our readers to awash themselves in aural beauty, as we unfold the best new artists & music 2007 has to offer - check out our massive special feature, 20 Albums In 2007. More

The Dhoom girl, as most of you know her, is back in action with a brand new album prophetically titled Temperature Rising. The Record manages a quick chat with the singer and here she is telling us about her new release, her experience with the song Dhoom and how she still remains sexy, naughty and a little bit bitchy too! More

January 2007 Precisely how, when and where The Beatles got so popular nobody can say for sure. This is their story. More

The Record brings you an inside look at eight of our favourite tracks off John Mayer's new record Continuum. Here it is in Mayer’s own words. More

After being introduced to singer Aneela in the Bluffmaster OST hit Say Na, The Record meets the Denmark-born, London-educated singer and finds that she’s lost her heart to India on her first trip here. Her enthusiasm is infectious and we find ourselves engaged in a long chat about making music, girl power, the future of India and what it’s like to wield a machine gun while staying upright in high heeled boots! More

November-December 2006 Having sold million of records worldwide, it’s a sure thing that Evanescence is poised to continue their meteoric rise with their latest release The Open Door. More

We attend their show, hang out with the band and follow them around exclusively as they shoot a video in the city for their next single. It’s safe to say that we’ve had a solid dose of INXS and we’re looking forward to more! More

His stylish swishes on the piano sometimes form a high-speed symphony while at other times are capable of getting you into a melancholic mood. Categorised under crossover classical music, his work seesaws between classical and contemporary techno-pop elements. Three albums down, Maksim Mrvica is back with his fourth studio album Electrik. More

She’s a classically trained singer who thrives on playing live and he’s one of our most respected composer/producers – the two come together to bring you an album built on top quality musicianship and a healthy urge to give non-film music in India a kick in the pants. Meet musical partners in crime - singer Sona and composer/producer Ram Sampath. More

September 2006 Hip popster, in-demand actor and philanthropist, Justin Timberlake’s gone from being a punch line as a member of boy band NSync to the most popular male performer on the planet at this moment. More

Progressive metal legends Dream Theater celebrate 20 years of musicianship with the release of Score, a 3 disc CD/DVD set that defines the band in one fitting word ~ epic. More

While there is no overlooking the enormous influence that the dynamic, free-thinking quartet from California known as The Doors has had on pop culture, drummer John Densmore has his roots firmly planted in other musical traditions More

August 2006 Beyonce's second solo album B’day hits stores in September and is, predictably, the most eagerly awaited album of the season. To be released on her 25th birthday, the album captures the coming-of-age of a multi-talented star. More

When we last spoke to Aussie rockers INXS they were in the process of searching for a new lead singer in a rather unusual manner ~ through a reality show called Rock Star: INXS. Now here is drummer Jon Farriss talking to us exclusively once again about the new chapter in the band's career. More

They are arguably the biggest band in Britain and their rise to stardom via the internet is a well-documented tale now. The Record has a quick, exclusive chat with Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helder as the band tours Australia. More

Beyonce's second solo album B’day hits stores in September and is, predictably, the most eagerly awaited album of the season. To be released on her 25th birthday, the album captures the coming-of-age of a multi-talented star. More

When we last spoke to Aussie rockers INXS they were in the process of searching for a new lead singer in a rather unusual manner ~ through a reality show called Rock Star: INXS. Now here is drummer Jon Farriss talking to us exclusively once again about the new chapter in the band's career. More

They are arguably the biggest band in Britain and their rise to stardom via the internet is a well-documented tale now. The Record has a quick, exclusive chat with Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helder as the band tours Australia. More

Nick Lachey talks to The Record in an exclusive interview and we come away rooting for him to get out there and kick some butt! Here he is, talking about his music, his life, his public image and even what he's hiding in his pocket. More

Speaking to us on the phone from his home in Ibiza, Michael Cretu gave us an exclusive insight into the world of Enigma. More

How did four teenagers go from playing small gigs in the sea-side town of Brighton to opening for The Rolling Stones? The Record talks exclusively to The Kooks lead singer Luke Pritchard and plots their incredible musical road map! More

July 2006 Christina Aguilera isn’t just a star ~ she’s a bona fide pop phenomenon. Not only does she sell millions of records, she’s a media fixture regardless of what she is or isn't doing. More

Soft-spoken, warm and so friendly that it’s easy to forget he’s a superstar, here is Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell in an exclusive interview telling us about his brand new album, the overwhelming response to it, undergoing major surgery in 1998 and the three most important things he has learned in his years on Earth. More

At The Record we have a wish list of international superstars that we would love to interview. We’ve had a pretty good track record so far when it comes to making our wishes come true and this month one more name gets crossed off that ‘to do’ list - Mike Shinoda of Fort Minor. More

The Record caught up with Megadeth's Glen Drover recently just days before he was off to make his recorded Megadeth debut, which will likely catapult him into the realms of bona fide guitar hero as one of metal's true icons. More

June 2006 On her latest release Loose Nelly Furtado has re-invented herself as an R&B artist. She’s not only kept pace with contemporary trends but sometimes even pushes the envelope to define what’s hip and what’s not. When the dust settles, she may stand out as one of the most important and influential female recording artists of this century. More

From the land where traditional folk music has been vibrant throughout the 20th century and is internationally known, 29-year-old Ronan Keating received recognition as a traveller, a philosopher, a writer, a singer, a musician, a presenter, an ambassador, a patron, and a lover, and yet he feels he still hasn’t reached his destination. More

Superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold returns this month with a brand new album full of exciting sounds and unlikely collaborators. Here he is in an exclusive conversation with The Record giving us the inside look at his latest release, the experience of working with an actress-turned-singer and ~ for all you aspiring musicians ~ what makes new talent stand out! More

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the arcane funk of the alternatively inspiring Red Hot Chili Peppers. More

In his first-ever Indian interview, The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon talks exclusively to The Record about music, cricket, his Indian connection, and how naming your band after Italian poetry of the Middle Ages is not as risky as it seems! More

May 2006 Back in the day when grunge and alternative rock were fledgling music forms, critics proclaimed that no band would achieve long-term success. Pearl Jam’s meteoric rise not only caused bands that would’ve otherwise been ignored to get more attention, it also changed forever the ears of the listening public, bending pop fans toward something new. More

Jack Johnson's popularity reached sky high with his new album, which is also the soundtrack for the animated movie Curious George. An exclusive interview with this fun surfer gives us a closer view at why he likes to create his own constellations and what inspired him to work on Curious George. More

Here is Bobby Friction, telling The Record about Friction 2, the future of modern music, being a good DJ, and how the power of Friction ~ The Album travels far and wide. More

The Record caught up with Simon Webbe again and found out more about the man behind the music as he talked to us about his family, concerts and a mega shopping spree! More

Get set for another young Pakistani musician who is garnering a lot of attention. His striking looks and trendy music has Pakistani women drooling over him and now it’s India’s turn to get a slice of pop sensation Shehzad Roy. More

April 2006 If you're a fan of pop music ~ or at least a male blessed with eyesight ~ then you've probably noticed the industry's latest find. We’re talking about the latest bunch of vixens on everyone’s music radar ~ the Pussycat Dolls. More

20 years on, Joe Satriani and his guitar continue to make some heart-beating, breath-taking, earth-quaking noise! More

Fourteen years and three successful albums later, Euphoria has brought the Dhoom back into our lives with their fourth album, titled Mehfuz. The Record presents an exclusive conversation. More

March 2006 Distraught and troubled could be two words your parents would probably use to describe Green Day’s music, but genius and genre breaking are just as applicable. More

David Gilmour will forever be known as one of the men behind Pink Floyd, possibly the most influential act in rock music history. He remains a towering figure in rock: a master song craftsman and guitar hero whose influence has never waned. On an Island is Gilmour's first solo album in 22 years and only the third of his career. More

Who would have thought that a Spanish language party track from Puerto Rican reggaetón artist Daddy Yankee would be the one to knock hip-hop heavyweights and classic rock stalwarts off the Indian charts? We at The Record did, actually! More

If you’re familiar with, (and by now you should be), the impossibly catchy rhythms of British-Asian artists Rishi Rich, Juggy D, Jay Sean and Veronica, then please give it up for Mentor Kolektiv, the latest addition to the family. More

They rap in Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, Spanish and English, write about the cross-cultural experience, live by a Mahatma Gandhi saying, and tie it all together with some wicked hip-hop beats. The Record brings you an exclusive conversation with Sammy and Nimo of Karmacy. More

February 2006 With a #1 single and album, singer-songwriter James Blunt is hot property in the music world. More

January 2006 Shakira is the world's most famous Latin female artist: for the millions that buy her albums, she is already the voice of a new generation. More

Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger talks exclusively to The Record about Nickelback’s new album, their new band member and the tragic inspiration behind one of their new tracks. More

Superstar Shaan in a candid conversation with The Record, pulling out quite a few surprises as he talks about his new release, the world of playback singing and his outlook on life. More

The Record spoke to Jethro Tull flautist and singer Ian Anderson before his scheduled performance in Mumbai on January 31 and February 1, and in Bangalore on February 3. More

As they get set to release their first album in India, here are Dhamaal Sound System’s DJ Maneesh ‘the Twister’ and percussionist/producer Dhruva Ganesan in conversation with The Record. More

December 2005 It’s difficult to keep up with Madonna at the moment. Almost every day brings news of some new development in her life or career, as the Queen of Pop still invades the airwaves, music TV and the tabloids on a daily basis. She’s the most talked about female artist of the twentieth century... More

Finland’s hottest rockers, an exciting new American hip-hop outfit and a much-awaited Irish pop superstar all made their way to Mumbai city this month! The Record was bang in the middle of all the action and we brought back for you our personal encounters and exclusive pictures of the stars in our special feature Destination India. More

Hours after the 48th Grammy nominations were announced this month, The Record bagged exclusive interviews with two of the nominees in the Best Contemporary World Music Album category. David Harrington of LA-based Kronos Quartet tells us about their collaboration with Asha Bhosle while Anoushka Shankar talks about the things closest to her heart - music and family. Check out our Grammy Nominees Special. More

Nervously, we enter the suite at Mumbai’s ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton And Towers to meet Buddy Guy. The very thought of interacting with one of the world’s greatest blues musicians gives us the jitters. More

Chances are you’ve been singing along to a hit song by alt-rockers Switchfoot at some point in the last year. As the band get set to release a follow-up to their breakthrough 2003 album, The Record talks exclusively to drummer Chad Butler about songwriting, surfing, South Africa and staying true to what you believe in. More

If you haven’t heard of Australian band Taxiride before, we suggest you stop a moment and hop on for the ride. These guys know how to rock and pack a serious melodic punch. That is why The Record is happy to bring you an exclusive conversation with lead singer/guitarist Jason Singh. Read on as he tells us about the band’s cool new video, their hidden talents and his wish to meet the ultimate Indian icon. More

November 2005 It’s impossible to write about Robbie Williams without looking at the bigger picture. His every move is documented by the press and he’s the most expensive man in pop music. The new self-proclaimed ‘King of Entertainment,’ he’s the kind of guy who knows how to get your attention. Honest, frank and absolutely unpredictable, this is Robbie Williams… More

Basking in the sweet glow of success, Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine talks exclusively to us about how this quintet found a new band name, developed some serious writing chops and brought the house down in their new avatar. More

After selling over 9.5 million albums as part of successful British group Blue, 26-year-old Simon Webbe is all set to make his solo debut. He calls his new sound ‘urban folk’, “a mixture of soulful vocals, urban beats and acoustic guitars”, and if the first single is anything to go by, we’ve got a winner on our hands. The Record speaks exclusively to the charming singer about singing, acting, ditching the boy band image, and his rather sober memories of India. More

Their 2002 debut spawned the addictive punk-rock hit Addicted and this year sees the Canadian rockers return with a follow-up release. We spoke exclusively to guitarist Jeff Stinco to bring you five things that you must know about Simple Plan. More

Breaking down barriers, blurring genre lines and busting some mean beats ~ that’s what UK-based Swami are all about. DJ/producer Diamond Duggal of Swami speaks exclusively to The Record about their exciting new album, the changing face of music in India and finding admirers in the Olsen twins! More

October 2005 Ricky Martin on the cover of this magazine, has the apocalypse arrived? Regardless of your personal feelings towards him, you have to admit that he's accomplished more over this decade than most singers do in their entire lifetime or maybe even two or three at that. More

A Carlos Santana album has become a cultural event, creating music that has become the soundtrack for the world. Santana transcends genres and crosses cultures like no other, and well into the fourth decade of recording and performing is at a new pinnacle in his career, more vital and relevant than ever. More

The Record speaks exclusively to ex-Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes and in keeping with the spirit of their greatest hits release gets him to dish on all things truly, madly and completely Savage Garden! More

The boys from Westlife are back! They may be one member short since Bryan McFadden's departure, but they're still as tight as ever. As they get set to release their seventh album, Face To Face, singer Mark Feehily talks exclusively to The Record about the new release, going unnoticed in America and life without Bryan. More

Swedish rockers The Cardigans return with a new look and new sound. The Record speaks exclusively to bassist Magnus Sveningsson about reinvention, music, technology and why he is the only one not wearing leather in their funky new video. More

September 2005 Bon Jovi is the only hard rock band in history to have back to back number one albums and four number one singles. With a new album out, a big tour on the cards, and more great moments to come, let's take a look back on what makes them one of the most successful bands today… More

In this touching interview, Eric Clapton reveals a whole new side of himself. He displays immense humility, talent and an attitude of a man who is happy and at peace with his life. The Record presents this exclusive interview transcript with the guitar legend Eric Clapton himself… More

Who would have predicted that one of the best rock songs to come out in 2004 would be courtesy four young rockers from Finland! After their mega massive In the Shadows swept the world The Rasmus haven't looked back. Last year the rockers spoke to us about their breakthrough album Dead Letters. This year, drummer Aki Hakala talks exclusively to us about the follow-up album, the trappings of success and finding spirituality in Mexico City. More

KT Tunstall is a sparkling new songwriter with Chinese blood, a Scottish heart, great legwarmers and a cool name. KT celebrates classic singer-songwriting in the tradition of Rikki Lee Jones, Carol King and Fleetwood Mac with an articulate, accessible, immediate brew of rootsy sass, wistful quandary and after-hours atmosphere. More

August 2005 With over fifteen million copies of their debut album sold by last September there is no denying that Linkin Park is an act that can be considered one of the heavyweights in the game during the first half-decade of the new century. More

Every time someone zigs, she zags. Then she totally changes her look, just to make sure no one's on her tail. She's Missy Elliott and her new album is another quantum leap in unchartered hip-hop zone. Missy writes her own songs as well as performs them, and her creative wit is on a par with her stylish demeanor. More

The UK's Basement Jaxx are probably best known in India for a funky, full-out Bollywood video, jhatkas and all, for their hit song Romeo. Starring actress Divya Dutta and model/actor Kiran Jhanjiani, the clip combines the kitsch of Bollywood with the cutting edge of the Jaxx' successful sound. More

Low Millions lead singer/songwriter Adam Cohen offers up sultry songs about slinky girls in a voice that's drop-dead sexy and with turns of phrases so sharp, they make your head spin. The Record brings you an exclusive interview. More

He is referred to as the Indian Idol #2 but for Amit Sana life is all about cherishing the past, living the present fully and planning a great future. On the release of his debut album Chal Diye, this boy from a small town shares some secrets of his life. More

July 2005 It is not unusual for British quartet Coldplay to be described as “the best band in the world”. Like Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr before them, Coldplay have made it big in the UK with their originality, mass appeal and rich melodies, and are now a worldwide phenomenon. More

Australian legends INXS have returned with a game plan – brand new album, brand new singer. The selection process is out there for everyone to be a part of in the form of a reality show called, quite simply, ROCK STAR: INXS. More

It’s a pleasant Friday afternoon, and Asha Bhosle is relaxing at her flat on Mumbai’s Pedder Road, playing with her grandchildren. Dressed in a light blue saree, she talks about how the young kids react to her music. More

After last month’s introduction to hot Brit rock band Rooster, we bring you our exclusive interview with guitarist Luke Potashnick. More

8 July, 2005 saw over 1,500 fans and four of Mumbai’s best rock bands come together exclusively for Rock & Record an event conceptualised and produced by your very own Record Music Magazine. More

June 2005 The Black Eyed Peas first single Don't Phunk With My Heart, is already a major hit in the US currently at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Record managed to catch up with the Peas themselves and find out what all the fuss was about. This is what they had to say… More

The Record talks exclusively to UB40 bassist Earl Falconer, as the band, undoubtedly the most successful reggae ensemble in the world gets set to release their brand new album titled Who You Fighting For. In mellow, lightly Rastafari-accented tones he tells us about the new music, touring the world, old fans and new and the secret to the band's twenty-five years together. More

If you haven't caught No Doubt, CoCo Lee's scorching collaboration with Indian rapper Blaaze, you're missing out! The Record brings you an exclusive interview with the Asian-American songstress. More

Last month we brought you exclusive interviews with hot young artists Mario and Lucie Silvas. This month we bring you the third member of our special feature The Young Ones (April 2005 issue) - Aussie singing sensation Missy Higgins. More

Legendary crooner Engelbert Humperdinck enthralls audiences in Mumbai city. The Record brings you an exclusive interview. More

May 2005 Re-entering the pop world with a sound that is an evolution from their past, this is the beginning of a new era for the Backstreet Boys. The Record was given an all access pass into their world with an exclusive one on one interview with the boys - courtesy their music company Sony/Bmg Music India. This is what they had to say… More

The Record featured 18-year-old R&B superstar Mario as an artist to watch for last month. This month the singer talks to us exclusively about growing up in the limelight, quirky song titles, the strangest place he’s heard his biggest hit, and the misunderstanding behind what is really a very simple song. More

After last month's profile The Record goes all out to bring you an exclusive interview with Britain's Lucie Silvas. Read on as she tells us about finally singing her own songs, traveling the world with her music, sharing the stage with Lionel Richie and, in a very brave move, covering a Metallica classic for her very first album. More

April 2005 After a gap of three long years, the Boss is back. Bruce Springsteen releases his nineteenth album Devils & Dust this month, and we at The Record were given an exclusive first look and listen inside the album. More

The Record brings you an exclusive transcript courtesy Universal Music where Mariah Carey talks about her brand new album, her many nicknames, iconic video moments and why she feels emancipated. More

In town for the British Council Union project, Howie B, Matt Black and Aki Nawaz, three leading DJs and producers from the UK put the art back into remixing. More

March 2005 50 Cent's latest gun-blazing street party album is about to make a killing on the charts in 2005. This is just in, it’s already sold more than 1.1 million copies on the US Charts in its first week alone this March, easily earning the honor of biggest debut of 2005. So we thought it would be nice if you were the first to know what the fuss is all about. More

As South London quartet Athlete release their second album Tourist, The Record brings you an exclusive conversation with drummer Steve Roberts. More

Last month The Record brought you a complete guide to Kelly Clarkson, the original American Idol. This month we bring you an exclusive interview with the singer. More

This Desi-Danish duo is the latest to add their flavour to fusion music. The Record brings you an exclusive conversation with Naf and Thomas of Bombay Rockers on their first visit to India More

As the eve of the Channel V Super Singer finals approaches, The Record catches up with the five finalists for one last assessment of themselves before one of them is crowned the new voice of the country. More

February 2005 The Record brings you an exclusive report as Sting performs live in India in February.More

As they release their latest album, The Chronicles Of Life And Death, The Record brings you an exclusive interview with Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin. More

His latest offering Second First Impression is making waves all over the world with hit after hit on the music charts. The Record catches up with Daniel Bedingfield for another exclusive after the album launch. More

January 2005 On his first visit to India, 24-year-old Scottish-Persian musician Darius Danesh talks to The Record about music, awards, adventure and how 2004 was the most important year of his life.More

The Record brings you an exclusive conversation with 29-year-old Rabbi the singer/songwriter/guitarist who has became the poster child for a new wave of Punjabi music. More

Daniel Bedingfield is now out with his second offering Second First Impression. The Record Music magazine brings you an exclusive. More

The Record talks exclusively to Amrita from Rouge, the British Asian girl band whose debut single Don’t Be Shy is the hit song of moment both back in the UK and in India. More
December 2004 With an audibly refreshed energy, U2 is back in cracking mid-'80s form. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb is the name of the new album that carries U2 into its 25th year and likely into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Record brings you an exclusive with Bono as he tells us about the state of the band, their intriguing new studio album and what the future of music could possibly look like… More

Just when you thought Shania Twain was done, she came back with something bigger. And now with the release of the first Greatest Hits album in her whirlwind career, the superstar finally slows down to smell the roses. More

In person Alanis Morissette may be much smaller than her on-TV avatar, but as we figured out in the ten short minutes we spent exclusively with the singer, the force of her personality shines through just as strongly. The Record talks exclusively to the singer on her visit to India. More

Hilary Duff is arguably the only teen pop star with the potential to rival or surpass the popularity of Britney Spears, albeit with a very different approach. The Record got an exclusive with the teenager rocker… More
Skye Sweetnam is fast gaining popularity as one of music’s cool new rockers to watch out for. The Record presents an exclusive conversation with the 16-year-old Canadian . More
November 2004 Eminem's music would probably have had him locked up in a mental asylum a century ago – but what was considered crazy back then – is cool now. You have to admit - his lyrics are funny and anyone who has ever listened to an Eminem album - has to wonder if he isn't winking at us all. More

From ‘Bryan’ to ‘Brian’, from boy band to solo artist, and with a dashing new look and hit single to go, make no mistake, Brian McFadden is here to kick some serious butt. In an exclusive conversation with The Record the ex-Westlifer talks about music, family, his cool new video and his future plans. More

Almost fifteen years after their first Latvian release, BrainStorm has finally stepped on Indian grounds and released a beautiful album: Online. The Record caught up with Reynard, the voice of BrainStorm, who gave a message between the lines: When’s it simple, it’s different. More

It’s been over a year since bassist Brian Marshall received a call from Mark Tremonti as an invitation to join one of the biggest projects in his life as yet. The rest is a part of history, which we know today as Alter Bridge. Here is Brian in an exclusive conversation with The Record. More
October 2004 Six years late, Bryan Adams has finally returned this month; with that brand new album he's been promising for years. And it's looking good! The Record Music Magazine was granted an all access pass into one of the world's biggest rock stars (courtesy his record label Universal Music in India)…and it doesn't get any bigger than this. More

Ronan Keating's brand new single I Hope You Dance was a number one platinum hit single and precedes the release of his Greatest Hits album celebrating 10 incredible years of Ronan. The Record landed up with a transcript with Ronan on the eve of the launch of his new Greatest Hits album. More

Scottish band Travis celebrates 8 years of success with Travis: Singles, a collection of 17 of their best songs. On the occasion The Record talks exclusively to bassist Dougie Payne. More

Bobby Friction is a man behind a lot of music. The soundtrack which first brought Punjabi MC’s Mundian To Bach Ke to India, an award-winning BBC Radio 1 show featuring the best and brightest of Brit-Asian music, a remix of the Bhangra Knights smash hit Husan are all projects that he has spearheaded. With his compilation album Friction doing really well on the charts, Bobby speaks exclusively to The Record about his various projects. More
September 2004 Ever since he arrived on the music scene, first as one half of Australian duo Savage Garden, and then as an equally successful solo artist, Darren Hayes has been a force to reckon with. In an exclusive conversation with The Record Darren talks about the personal nature of his new album, his thoughts on fame, and meeting the wax figure of a celebrity just days before actually meeting the real thing! More

It took nine years and four albums for the world to notice Finnish rockers The Rasmus. Now the band is a household name and their brand of melodic goth-rock is sweeping the charts everywhere. The Record talks exclusively with bassist Eero about their super single 'In The Shadows', Finnish weather and why the lead singer wears bird feathers in his hair. More

This 22 year old musician came to the forefront as part of The Rishi Rich Project and since then there’s been no looking back. As he gets ready to take centre stage with his first solo album, The Record talks exclusively to Jay Sean. More

23 year old Jamelia is undeniably the hottest female star to come from the UK this year. With a Mercury prize nominated album, a lovely daughter, and her hit song 'Superstar' destined to become a classic, it seems like she really has it all. In a phone interview, Jamelia talks exclusively to The Record about her second shot at success, motherhood and more. More

If you haven’t heard of British rockers Embrace it’s only because they’ve spent the last three years quietly perfecting their craft. Now the band, for whom Coldplay opened in 2000, is back with a brand new album. The Record speaks exclusively to drummer Mike Heaton as Embrace gets ready to release their music all over the world. More
August 2004 After writing and producing hits for some of the biggest names in music over the last seven years, Richard Marx is back with My Own Best Enemy, his first solo CD since 1997. In an EXCLUSIVE interview Richard talks to Sonal D’Silva about his artistic inspiration, why he hates explaining his songs, his biggest regret, and how one fan wondered whether he was a murderer. More

In conversation on the phone Nelly Furtado is a true livewire, delightful and enthusiastic and definitely living up to her label as the ‘saviour of teen pop’. In an exclusive interview, our June 2004 cover girl tells us about music, motherhood, being youthful and how she actually sang Kabhi Kabhi in Hindi as a teenager. More

Ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton talks exclusively to The Record about her life, her past and her new album. More

If you couldn’t get enough of ‘80s sensation Wham! then here’s a brand new act to look out for. Russian duo Sergey Lazarev, 21 and Vlad Topalov, 19, form Smash!! They talk exclusively to The Record as they tour Asia to promote their eclectic debut Freeway. More

July 2004 He’s survived a car crash with armed robbers, the bursting of a lung, his album being put on hold for two years after it was ready and gone on to have Chris Martin from Coldplay, Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips and Michael Stipe from REM sing on his latest release. The Record talks exclusively with the extraordinary David Kosten aka Faultline. More

She describes herself as a ‘girl playing the piano’ but this singer/songwriter’s debut album proves that she is much more than that. We featured her as an artist to watch out for in our last issue, and now The Record brings you the exclusive conversation that we had with serene songstress Keri Noble. More

June 2004 Coming up on a decade, Hanson has recorded three watershed records: Middle of Nowhere, This Time Around and the upcoming third new release Underneath. The Record Music Magazine brings you an exclusive telephonic interview with the youngest member of the trio, Zac. More

Taking both the UK music scene and Bollywood by storm, The Rishi Rich Project proves that desi cool is indeed where it’s at. The Record catches up with Rishi, Juggy D and Jay Sean. More

May 2004 Legends like this man come around but once in a lifetime. His ability to write music that transcends time. Apart from the distinction of having penned a #1 single for nine consecutive years - he’s got Grammies under his belt, an Oscar for Best Original Song, seventeen number one singles, and over 110 million records in sales, including one of the best-selling singles in history - We Are The World. There’s no slowing him down – and his music makes you want to listen to him all night long. The man is Lionel Richie. More

The media ‘war’ between Shahrukh Khan and the critics seems to have passed. As his latest home production, Red Chillies Entertainment’s Main Hoon Na looks ready to be a hit, he chats exclusively with The Record. More

April 2004 Joe Satriani is an aspiring guitarist’s hero, a multi-platinum virtuoso with groundbreaking style and legendary sounds. As fans wait eagerly for the release, The Record gets a rare opportunity for a conversation with the maestro. We are excited and even a little awestruck, but we keep a lid on it, and come away with some great insights from the guru himself. More

State of Bengal, having started out as a rap unit in 1987 has grown to become among the most easily recognized names in the British Asian dance scene. In the midst of recording his new alum (to be released in the next three or four months) and working on releases for his own company Betelnut productions, Sam took the time to talk to us in detail about his latest release with Paban Das Baul. More

March 2004 In no way are the Lostprophets interpreters of God’s will, but they sure do interpret their music well. As they release their new album called Start Something, The Record gets an exclusive telephonic interview with Stuart Richardson in London. More

Westlife have sold more than 30 million records, notched up a record-breaking seven successive UK No 1s and are millionaires into the bargain. How does that make them feel? Happy? Confident? On top of the world? They tell all in a Record exclusive. More

February 2004 London-based lads Duncan James, Antony Costa, Lee Ryan, and Simon Webbe that make Blue, have come a long way since their first release in May 2001. Two albums and umpteen music awards later, Blue are officially one of the biggest pop acts, not only in India, but all over the world. More

After exactly three years, Nelly Furtado back with her new album, Folklore released in November 2003, which has influences of folk and Portuguese running right through. The Record bagged an exclusive interview with Nelly Furtado, who spoke about her new album and her past. More

January 2004 John Mayer’s debut album Room For Squares made it to our Top 10 of 2003. The Record has always supported the young singer/songwriter and now we get an exclusive and detailed look into everything that went into the making of his latest album Heavier Things. .More


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