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December 2007 Here’s the story of a band that realised that they could only be the quintessential American rock ‘n’ roll bad boys if they bid adieu in the only way they knew how. Here’s the story of The Eagles. More

Read on for exclusive inputs from Céline Dion on stepping back into the studio, her favourite new song, working with new talent and how she feels after so many years in the music business. More

Jay-Z is officially the richest man in hip-hop. Forbes Magazine has put him ahead of his contemporaries like P Diddy and 50 Cent. This is the story of how a young, enterprising drug peddler became rap royalty. More

In the second of a two-part series on legendary singer/songwriter/musician Bob Dylan, we take a look at his long and arduous journey from his 1966 reincarnation to his present day success. More

The Gorillaz have lived up to their reputation as the Most Successful Virtual Band. Read on for more on this growndbreaking act. More

The Spice Girls return together this month with a new album that brings you their biggest hits along with brand new tracks. Check out our feature on them. More

The Record has British DJ Pete Gooding in the hot seat this month on DJ Speak. More

It's new band Half Step Down in this month's Rockin' India. More

26-year-old musician/singer/songwriter/producer Raghav Sachar talks to us about his new album and his musical journey so far in Speak Easy. More

Check out Malayali rock band Avial in this month's New Artist Alert. More

Hip-hop sensation 50 Cent was in Mumbai to perform at MMRDA Grounds in Bandra on November 18. Read our concert review. More

November 2007 Bruce Springsteen’s new album Magic has made the news by actually holding the #1 spot on five different album charts on Billboard. What makes the entire album so special? Here’s a track-by-track preview of each song More

As we get set for her new record, we take a look at the many sides of Alicia Keys. More

On October 10, something relevant happened too. Radiohead, one of the biggest bands in the world, decided to change the way things worked. Read on for more. More

For the first time ever, Eddie Vedder takes on the responsibilities of creating the soundtrack to a film directed by one of his best friends, Academy Award winning actor Sean Penn. More

The Record brings you an in-depth look at Matchbox Twenty’s career and more on their latest album Exile On Mainstream. More

Nicole Scherzinger is set to become one of the hottest female acts of the year and we’re bringing you an exclusive interview where you can learn all about the new solo album More

In a two-part special feature on Bob Dylan, The Record takes a look at the man behind the legend and the thoughts behind the music. More

The Record sat down with acclaimed musician Mekaal Hasan in Mumbai city for a conversation about his band's new album, the process of blending western and eastern sounds, and the business of music. More

This fiesty rapper's debut album promises to be an experience not to be missed - check out our interview with the one adn only Hard Kaur . More

Owning a Putumayo CD is like having a travel pass to some exotic part of the world where life has a soundtrack that you just can’t get enough of. Learn more in our in-depth feature. More

Superstar DJ Tiësto is in the hot seat, this month on DJ Speak. More

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Pankaj Udhas come together for the first time ever on a musical project - read on for more. More

This month in New Artist Alert meet Nyanda and Nailah Thourborne aka Brick & Lace, the first act to be signed to superstar Akon’s KonLive Records. More

It's Kailash Kher this month in Speakeasy as he talks about his latest hit album, his experiences while on tour and the philosophy that guides him as he travels on this incredible journey. More

Rockin' India this month features Mumbai-based Scribe. More

Protest Music this month tracks the alternative scene world-over zooming in on India which is pushing the musical limits to counter the existing mainstream and giving music lovers a taste for something new.. More

September 2007 When Kanye West gets set to bring you a new release you can be sure that he will be pulling out all the stops. As we get ready for what will undoubtedly be a high-octane show, we profile the multi-award winning 29-year-old rapper/producer and trace his journey into the spotlight where he has secured a permanent place for himself. More

As the Smashing Pumpkins get set to release their first album in seven years, The Record brings you an exclusive look at the big comeback. More

You might’ve caught the visually and aurally stunning Stop Me (If You’ve Heard This One Before) on TV already and gotten a taste of what famed producer and Superstar DJ Mark Ronson is all about. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Trust me, you haven’t heard the likes of him before. More

Here is Daddy Yankee, in his own words, talking about his early days, his inspiration, his only addiction and his views on war. More

30 Seconds To Mars has built a loyal fan base and won over the critics as well. Here’s our profile of the band; we definitely recommend that you give their music a listen. More

Mark Knopfler’s latest record, Kill to Get Crimson, is scheduled to release this month. It is time to take another lesson from the sultan of strings. More

Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls is a syrupy tune about heartbreak featuring a sample from Ben E. King’s 1961 classic Stand By Me. Here’s what went into the making of the brand new breakthrough hit of the season. More

India’s first Indian Idol hit it big with his debut album, and as his follow-up effort hits the shelves, we get a sneak peek into what Abhijeet Sawant’s got on his mind. More

Playing metal isn’t easy, especially in India. Pin Drop Violence is a band that has managed to survive and prosper in this scenario. They have a brand new album out, too. More

It's North East Protest Music this month in our special feature. More

It's The Superfuzz this month in Rockin' India. More

As Indian Idol runner-up Karunya gets set to release his self-titled debut album, he talks to The Record about the new release, the voting system on Idol, the Indipop scene and how he feels about being compared to Abhishek Bachchan. More

In the hot seat this month is Australian DJ Slinky who brings the rousing sounds of funky/electro/nu-skool breakbeat to Mumbai city. Here he is talking to The Record about his favourite tunes, his most memorable gigs and his top tip for aspiring DJs. More

August 2007 It might not seem like it to most of us, but 2007 may go down as the year rock music started heading back to the forefront and from the most unlikely of sources – the stalwarts of the genre itself. Check out our special feature - Rock Veterans. More

He’s a French house music pioneer who hosts the most cheekily named party in Ibiza and has released the most explosive dance hit of the summer. Ladies and gentlemen, make way for David Guetta. More

Renowned percussionist Taufiq Qureshi in a conversation with The Record about the power of music, the meaning of ‘fusion’, and the enchanting world that inspired his brand new album. More

They asked you not to be shy in their breakthrough hit and they’re certainly leading by example! Meet Amrita, Legha and Laura ~ the girls of Rouge. More

It's metal band Metakix in Rockin' India this month. More

They feed on each other’s eclectic musings and present the world with some striking music. Meet Monica Dogra and Randolph Correia aka Shaa’ir and Func. More

Standing between musical artistes in two neighbouring countries is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Bureaucratic Issues, Visas and Illegal CDs… and artistes are aching to stand up and be heard. Read our special feature - Protest Music: Tales From Across The Border. More

DJ and producer Sam Zaman aka State Of Bengal gets into details about his new album and fumes at the paranoia in the West about ‘browns’ being terrorists. More

It's Mumbai-based Arjun Sankalia in DJ Speak this month. More

Founder Farhad Wadia takes time out from his busy schedule to give us the inside look at one of the biggest rock festivals in India - Independence Rock. More

June 2007 On her third release, Kelly Clarkson has her rocker hat on and she’s ready to show listeners just how lucky number three can get. More

Call him irresponsible, call him unreliable, but don’t call him unsuccessful. We catch up with Michael Buble. More

The Record catches up with Thomas and Naf of Bombay Rockers for a conversation about their new album, getting out of control and their meeting with none other than Abhishek Bachchan. More

The Record caught up with Parikrama who will be taking off for their tour this month at the prestigious Download Festival in UK. More

The Idan Raichel Project, founded by 29-year-old Israeli musician/producer Idan Raichel takes the sounds of the world and brings them together one song at a time. More

Glam rockers Poison are in the spotlight this month in our regular feature Then & Now. More

While DJ Paul Oakenfold played his first gig in India, we had a chat with him about his longstanding experience in the business and his trip to India. More

It’s a hip-hop double bill this month as we feature two exciting new artists for you to check out - T-Pain and Huey in New Artist Alert. More

We take a look at The Asian Underground Movement in this month's Protest Music feature. More

Bangalore-based band Myndsnare are featured in Rockin' India this month. More

Read about Zydeco music in this month's Origines Des Musique. More

May 2007 Here is a 5-step look at how Chris Daughtry went from being just another American Idol contestant to real-life rock star. More

Rising star Mika tells us about his journey from his birthplace of war-torn Lebanon to success with his debut album Life In Cartoon Motion. More

Here is Good Charlotte taking you inside some of the key tracks off their new album Good Morning Revival. More

Rapper MIMS hit track This Is Why I’m Hot has earned him raves since it released so check it out after you read about this month’s New Artist Alert. More

It was three days of musical intoxication, spiritually elevating for some and a crazy rave for others. Read on for our report on The Big Chill Goa. More

The first thing that strikes you about Petrol Records’ Australian founder Chris Murphy is his enthusiasm for music. Here he is telling us about his exciting musical journeys and his new record label, committed to putting out some “seriously good music”. More

The Record takes a look at fundamentals of Protest Music in urban India in our feature Rebel Rock. More

It's Aerosmith in this month's Then & Now. More

As the Indian music industry gets bigger, local indie labels are stepping up for their spot in the sun. A conversation with some of them reveals that the future for Indian musicians who want to deviate from the norm is sounding good. Read our special feature Attack Of The Independent Labels. More

DJ Notorious dishes about his cool trick deejaying moves, his new album and more in this month's DJ Speak. More

It's rock band Agnee this month in our regular feature Rockin' India. More

Read about the Japanese art of Gagaku in this month's Origines Des Musique. More

April 2007 The Record celebrates the 40th anniversary of The Doors. 2007 sees all six original albums remastered and expanded for the first time ever - read on for our tribute. More

Pentagram is India’s biggest electronica-rock band for a number of reasons. Read our in depth interview to learn exactly why. More

Here is award-winning singer/composer Adnan Sami talking to The Record about his new music, his oddest source of inspiration, his experience in Bollywood and his top advice for aspiring artists. More

Meet Timbaland, the man behind some of urban music’s biggest hits. More

Here is guitarist/songwriter/singer, and now producer, John Mayer talking about music and everything that matters to him within the creative process. More

Arctic Monkeys are back with their highly anticipated follow-up, Favourite Worst Nightmare. Check it out. More

If you only check out one new artist this month, let it be Mika. More

Whatever you’ve seen, forget it. You do not know Joss Stone. She insists; we’ll take her word for it. Her remarkable new album, Introducing Joss Stone, is her third full-length album, and the first that’s “truly” her. More

Mumbai city rocked to the beats of Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten last month, as part of the Smirnoff Bar 21 initiative. Here he is, in this month’s DJ Speak. More

It's Bhayanak Maut in this month's regular feature Rockin' India. More

Read about Zulu dance-musical genre Maskanda in this month's Origines Des Musique. More

The Record celebrates Sir Elton John's 60th birthday by featuring him in this month's Then & Now. More

Our special feature series Careers In Music wraps up with a look at jobs in music in The Media. More

March 2007 Nobody expected the Dixie Chicks to sweep the Grammys, at least we didn’t. But come Grammy night (read: morning, since we’re in India) and a gazillion mouths dropped on hearing those 10 words (two words, five times; you do the math). More

The music industry lost a legend last December: the man who engineered the Soul Train, James Brown. The Record pays tribute. More

Catching up with Alan Parsons, and in conversation about his admiration for India, Pink Floyd and more. More

The Record explores Baul Sangeet this month in our regular feature Origines Des Musique. More

In this month's DJ Speak, DJ Ray-G tells The Record about his technique with the turntables, his most prized record and the strangest thing he’s ever seen someone do at a gig. More

Apache Indian a.k.a The ‘Don Rajah’ speaks about roots, reggae and racism with The Record this month in Speakeasy. More

Mumbai-based band Medusa features in this month's edition of Rockin' India. More

Over the past few issues, the special feature Careers In Music has explored the creative side of the music business and job opportunities in areas like songwriting, singing and producing. This month we look at the more ‘business’ side of things with Sales, Marketing and Retail. More

January 2007 JJ Cale inspired Eric Clapton for a majority of his career, so it was with great anticipation that these two legends got together to release an album. There’s no greater feeling than working on a dream. And Eric Clapton confessed that before he went under the ground, he’d like to do a JJ Cale album. So when listening to ‘The Road to Escondido’, keep that in mind, and you’ll see a dream play itself out. More

Does it feel like it’s the 1990s again to anyone? If two of UK’s most successful groups have it their way it will be, but only in terms of chart success ~ with a brand new set of tunes, superstars Take That and All Saints return to the music scene, recharged and raring to go. More

It’s been two and a half years since Akon released his debut album Trouble, but the Senegalese singer has kept himself busy doing what he does best ~ hooks. In 2005 and 2006 Akon has appeared as a guest vocalist for hip hops biggest stars on over 50 songs, and yet he found the time to write, record, co-produce and release his second effort, Konvicted. More

John Legend is living up to his name, with a repertoire that includes singing, songwriting, playing piano and producing songs for his own and others’ albums. More

The Indipop scene is buzzing with new releases from established artists so we tracked down the stars to see what they’ve been working on. Here are powerhouse singer Mehnaz, Canadian duo Josh and classical music bluebloods Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan and Rahul Sharma telling us what they have in store for you. More

No musical act of the '70s has experienced more ups and downs in its popularity, or attracted a more varied audience across the decades, than Boney M. One of the most successful pop groups ever to come out of Germany, they still remain a fixture on radio and continue to sell albums worldwide. With a brand new greatest hits compilation riding high on the Indian charts, there’s no better time to look back at the groups evolution from wundergroup to dance culture icons. More

With hits like Put ‘Em In Their Place and Have A Party, hip-hop duo Mobb Deep had generated enough buzz around their act to get Indian fans geared up to watch them perform live in Mumbai city. The Record had the chance to spend a few minutes with one half of the duo ~ rapper/producer Havoc ~ as rapper Prodigy was unavailable due to illness. After Havoc obliged an enthusiastic fan with a photograph and an autograph we sat down with him for some quick questions. More

Cool pop grooves, a classical music sensibility, echoes of Norwegian folk music and the essence of the small moments of everyday life ~ that in a nutshell describes Marit Larsen’s debut release Under The Surface. The 23-year-old Norwegian is a pleasure to interview ~ friendly and articulate with a strikingly melodic speaking voice. Read on as The Record brings you all the things you need to know about Marit including her new album, her years in the music business and her first trip to India last October. More

The past twenty-five years have been nothing if not colourful for George Michael. He does what he wants when he wants, creating trends and sometimes ignoring what seems like good sense, all in the name of making pop music. Here's a look at his spectacular career in our special feature.More

Sporting a watch decked with gold and diamonds, DJ Whoo Kid gets into a chit-chatty mood. Here are excerpts from an interview with this DJ from Queens. More

This band that identifies itself with its unique sound ‘demonic metal’ got together in the year 2000 under the name of Demonic Resurrection. More

Jazz, the word itself, has been an enigma for generations. It is supposed to have stemmed from American slang and is universally believed to be the individual voice, notoriously open to different musical possibilities.Read about it in our special feature Origines Des Musique. More

No matter how fast times change or how quickly technology reshapes the landscape of the music industry, the one thing that remains a constant, and a pretty obvious one at that, is that the entire music business is built on songs. Three-and-a-half odd minutes of magic takes an entire team of people to create and you can be a part of that depending on your skill set. Check out part two of our series - Careers In Music: Behind The Song. More

November-December 2006 In between his gigs as a rock star, he’s hung out with Elvis Presley and US Presidents, picked up a hitchhiking Charles Manson (the notorious serial killer), and played parts in cult movies from The Rocky Horror Picture Show to Fight Club. The first two records from his Bat Out Of Hell series have received critical praise, dominated the charts and have sold over fifty million copies worldwide. Now the next chapter, aptly titled Bat Out Of Hell III ~ The Monster Is Loose, finally sees the light of day thirteen years since the last one, and it promises to be the biggest Meat Loaf release yet. More

Irony is a band called The Killers helping to revive a dead genre and the world of mainstream music by adding some much-needed originality More

Last month, we brought you the scoop on Fergie’s debut solo album The Dutchess, and its smashing first single London Bridge. This month, we let the Black Eyed Pea herself tell us about the making of the album, her favourite tracks, and her personal struggles that have helped her grow into one of today’s biggest stars. More

Multi-faceted music mogul Sean Combs ~ now known as P. Diddy ~ returns with a brand new album featuring guest appearances by some of the biggest names in music. He may have changed his name – again - but he’s still got his finger firmly on the urban pulse. As his new release gets set to hit stores, we trace Diddy’s journey from a small suburb of New York to the top of a global empire. More

In a world where 20 minutes of fame is quite an accomplishment, twenty years in the limelight sounds almost unreal. Though there may have been countless duos in pop music before, none have had the impact, success and influence of Roxette. More

‘What’s in a name?’ you might ask. There’s a lot, if you come to think of the band of four boys and one girl who have given super hits like Filthy/Gorgeous and the more recent I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ and go by the name of Sister Scissors. More

With a thick Scottish accent, charming Italian looks and unadulterated talent, it’s no wonder that Paolo Nutini has emerged as a rising star. Don’t be fooled by his mature voice ~ while his music makes it believable that he’s in his 40s, Paolo is, in fact, a 19-year-old who seems to be wise beyond his years. More

In India, he’s part of the respected group that became DJs when DJing wasn’t a trend that every college kid wanted to try out. His remix album Jalwa was released before ‘remix’ became a bad word and after all this time he’s still going strong. Here is DJ Akbar Sami in the hot seat this month! More

If rock music is what you live for, here’s a brand new feature that you will want to keep track of! Starting this month, each issue of The Record will bring you the essentials on Indian rock bands that you absolutely must watch out for. You’ve raved about rockers from all over the world… now it’s time to put your hands together for some local talent! More

American vocalist/percussionist/lyricist and composer Paula Jeanine has recently been exploring her love for music by bringing two diverse cultures together ~ the soothing sounds of ghazal with melodies from the west. On her first Indian tour, she talks to The Record about all things music. More

With the rise of collaborations from artists around the world, the boundaries of global music are more blurred than they have ever been. From rock to reggae and folk to flamenco, musical genres are blending to create tunes that are unique yet universal, adding a whole new dimension to the landscape of sound. Musique Originale takes you behind the music as we hear it today to the very origins of genres from across the world, bridging the old and the new and delving into the history of music. More

They say that if your job involves doing something that you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all! How great would it be, as a music lover, to have a job in the music industry? Starting this month, The Record kicks off a special feature exploring different aspects of the music industry that you could potentially be a part of. All those dejected bathroom singers who thought having top notch pipes was the only way to work in music, it’s time to give the prospect another look! More

September 2006 As Janet Jackson gets set to release her ninth studio album 20 Y. O. we take a look back at what has been a long and illustrious career for the youngest member of music’s most discussed family. More

Barely a year Out Of Exile and Audioslave have already released their Revelations. The new album from the band is already creating waves and promises to be their heaviest album yet. More

Five years after his last studio album, 65-year-old legend Bob Dylan returns with a brand new set of songs that just went straight to #1 More

When the Black Eyed Peas shot to prominence in 2003, Stacy Ann Ferguson was relatively new to the fame game. The California girl had recorded a few songs for the Peas, who liked her so much that they invited her to join the band. She accepted, and the new line-up proved to be the golden ticket for everyone involved. More

With Pink Floyd, whether you’re reliving your first days as a fan, or finding your way around their music for the first time, you can look forward to a release that captures one of the greatest bands of our time in their finest hour. More

It might not seem like it to most of us, but 2006 may go down as the year dance music started heading back to the forefront and from the most unlikely of sources ~ the Scissor Sisters. More

She was just 15 when she wowed record executives with an a capella performance of her own songs, and in the 10 years since she earned her record deal, British singer Jamelia has accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime. More

There can be no doubt that singer, songwriter and producer Lionel Richie is a musical legend who needs no introduction. If you're less than 30, you might know Lionel Richie best as the father of The Simple Life reality television star and tabloid favourite Nicole Richie. More

August 2006 He's not claiming to be bringing sexy back, but we'll still be first in line for this Grammy-winner's brand new album Continuum out this September! Here's 5 reasons why we're shout-out-loud glad that John Mayer is back! More

Jessica Simpson has been tight-lipped and out of the limelight since her November break-up with Nick Lachey, but now the superstar opens up to The Record. More

Model, actress and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton the self-professed icon of this generation has now added musician to a growing résumé. Is her music career likely to take off? More

Distinctive visuals married to his unmistakable beats have ensured decent prime time rotation and contributed to his having earned an unprecedented 9 MTV Video Awards and a Grammy. Here’s an inside look into some of our favourite Fatboy Slim videos. More

As they get set to endorse top guitar brand Fender, Them Clones talk to The Record about their journey so far. More

How exactly should we describe their music then? We let the band members themselves help us out in this five-step guide to The Feeling. More

The sitar is considered one of the most distinctive instruments in Indian music and has inspired everyone from legends like The Beatles to new rock royalty like Green Day. Music teachers in the country lament that the instrument is losing popularity with young students. It would be a shame to lose this rich tradition and The Record does its bit to keep the music alive in Getting Started: The Sitar. More

It's cultural icon Bob Dylan this month in our regular feature Then And Now. More

Justin Timberlake brings sexy to the forefront in his brand new micro-mini-movie of a video. Here’s our review. More

Last month we featured his lovely wife DJ Pearl. This month we put MTV VJ and Electronic Dance Music enthusiast DJ Nikhil Chinapa in the hotseat. Here he is telling the record about playing with his wife, his most memorable gig and the oddest request he’s ever encountered behind the console. More

He has been called ‘India’s fastest guitarist’ but all this young musician wants to do is be true to his craft, play with his heroes and put India on the musical map. As he releases his fast-selling debut album, Apernit talks to us about playing guitar, the power of perseverance and his plans for the music community. More

July 2006 When a musician has had a fairly successful career in several avatars prior to the one he is most famous for, it is clear that he was born with talent to spare. The Record profiles Fatboy Slim as he gets set to release a massive greatest hits album. More

The Record pays tribute to late Pink Floyd legend Syd Barrett. More

Simple, delicate, pristine, and energetic would be just a few words to describe Keane’s music. More

Why do we have four brand new artists for you this month? Because it’s a sign of what’s in store for all your music fans for the rest of the year. Here are four of the best and brightest new acts that we think you absolutely must check out - Lily Allen, Razorlight, Phoenix and Sandi Thom. More

After selling almost 13 million records with the massively successful pop band Blue, Duncan James has followed his band mates and is all set to release his debut solo album More

Nick Lachey ~ best known for being Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband ~ is back with the release of his second solo album What’s Left Of Me. More

So what if you’re never going to set a stage on fire in front of a crowd of millions? Maybe you're destined for karaoke greatness! Either way it’s a thrill you shouldn’t miss out on. Here are our guidelines to help you with Getting Started: Vocals. More

It's rock legends Def Leppard this month in our regular feature Then And Now. More

This month, it’s Mumbai’s DJ Pearl in our hot seat talking about her love for vinyl, her frustration with forced deadlines and what it’s like when two DJs decided to share their lives and record racks! More

The Record brings you an Agony Aunt page, with advice straight from Channel V's unstoppable Lola Kutty. More

June 2006 A little bit psychedelic, a little bit soul, a little bit of mystery ~ that’s what makes up the mega-massive summer hit of 2006 that no one saw coming ~ Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. The Record stops grooving to the music long enough to bring you seven things you absolutely must know about this enigmatic act. More

Being right in the middle of mind-numbing traffic, shopping for tablas, going incognito in tourist hot-spot Colaba, and being taken for a ride (literally) by a crafty taxi driver ~ that’s some of what Australian band Taxiride experienced on their first ever visit to India. The Record meets the band. More

One thing you can’t accuse the Dixie Chicks of is being docile. While the Spice Girls championed Girl Power in their shiny little dresses, the Dixie Chicks made a name for themselves with their strong lyrics and liberal opinions. But don’t dismiss them as feminists ~ Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Robison will take up any cause they have strong opinions about. More

After selling almost 13 million records with the massively successful pop band Blue, Duncan James has followed his band mates and is all set to release his debut solo album Future Past, a heartfelt collection of twelve perfectly crafted pop songs about love, loss and relationships. More

Train’s newest release and fourth studio album, For You, It’s Me, once again showcases a band that deserves more appreciation than it already gets. The first single, Cab, has already been a worldwide hit. More

Six months after their first promotional tour of India, the Bay area quartet Flipsyde returned to enthusiastic fans for a full-length live show. We met Flipsyde’s MC Piper the day before the show for a quick Q&A. More

Following in the footsteps of bands like Strings and Junoon is Call, Pakistan’s latest musical offering. The Record speaks exclusively to guitarist Xulfi Khan for the lowdown on what the band is all about. More

Often referred to as the King of string instruments, everything about the violin - from its manufacture to its mastery – reflects the artistry that music is all about. The experts say that it is a demanding instrument to learn so in these pages, we bring you a brief look at the world of the violin in Getting Started: The Violin. More

It's country legend Kenny Rogers this month in our regular feature Then And Now. More

This month The Record meets Delhi-based DJ Rummy, the only Indian DJ to play at Berlin’s flamboyant Love Parade. Here he is telling us about his favourite records, fashion style, craziest dance floor encounters, and how he wants to portray India to the world. More

May 2006 Sergio Mendes, Brazil’s most internationally successful artist, and the Black Eyed Peas' turn up the heat with some cool hip-hop beats. More

‘Are you ready?!!’ asks reggaeton master Daddy Yankee in Rompe, his follow-up video to the scorching summer hit Gasolina. Let’s see, he returns with a video that delivers another shot of pure sonic energy, hot girls and some of Yankee’s own irresistible charm ~ of course everyone’s ready! More

17-year-old multi-instrumentalist Teddy Geiger is frequently compared to guitarist/songwriter John Mayer, but what he just wants is the chance to play his music to the world. Here are 8 things you must know about the brand new star on the music scene. More

There aren’t too many international bands that break the lucrative US market, but Snow Patrol has done just that. The Record gives you the low-down with our 5-step guide on getting to know one of the hottest bands today. More

The wide world of music is cluttered with all genres of rap, so it’s no wonder that we have a rapper who joins the clan with the truly remarkable gift of rapping in Punjabi. Meet Bohemia. More

The Record catches up with Channel [v] Get Gorgeous 3 winners Meenal Thakur and Anurita Jha to find out if they’re ready for the glamour ahead. More

John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Charlie Parker… if these names mean nothing to you, then let us just say ~ quite dramatically ~ that you’re living an incomplete life. These are just a few of the greats who have brought the saxophone alive. Listen to their glorious work for long enough and you will feel inspired to pick up a sax yourself. Be prepared for that eventuality with Getting Started: The Saxophone, our humble introduction to one of the most-loved instruments in music. More

The Record speaks exclusively to Israel's DJ Skazi before his gig in Mumbai about making music, performing live and yes, even an insight into DJ fashion. More

It's the Pet Shop Boys this month in our regular feature Then And Now. More

The Record brings you an Agony Aunt page, with advice straight from Channel V's unstoppable Lola Kutty. More

April 2006 The Record profiles Jewel Kilcher, singer, songwriter, poet, author, philanthropist, painter, and actress as she releases her new album this month. More

With The Rising Tied, Mike Shinoda becomes the first member of Linkin Park to release a solo record. He may have shed his bandmates for this project but it’s not like he is front and centre on all of Fort Minor’s songs. More

She’s written a song on Madonna’s last album, found a fan in Dave Matthews, and had every single track from her debut album featured in commercials, TV shows, and even movies! We bring you 7 things you must know about the enchanting Jem and her sublime blend of hip hop, electronica, folk and classic pop that has everyone talking. More

Of course he made it to the top of the charts in a flash ~ after all, what’s one giant leap for a seriously crazy frog? The Record profiles Crazy Frog an unlikely chart topper as he returns with a full dose of frog-tastic tunes. More

Post-punk, dance-punk, indie rock… call it what you want, just know that brand new band Arctic Monkeys has everyone sing along to their tunes. Want to know what the buzz is all about? Here is our Arctic Monkeys FAQ. More

Salman Ahmad, songwriter and lead guitarist of top-selling Pakistani band Junoon is back on the music scene with his solo debut album Infiniti. Once the word was out, the questions began to come up ~ Why a solo album? Is the band headed for a split? What about the remaining members of the band? The Record Magazine decided to meet up with Salman and get those answers. More

It’s a three-and-a-half-minute long blend of carnival colours, Colombian rhythms and a swivelling of hips that makes you want to get up and shake your body. Hips Don’t Lie is the latest single from Colombian sensation Shakira and has sent her racing up charts worldwide. More

It's legendary musician Prince this month in our regular feature Then And Now. More

Australian rock sensations The Vines have always been known to make headlines, be it for their popular music or lead singer’s antics. The Aussies are back in the news and their third album Vision Valley is receiving rave reviews. More

There’s nothing mythical about DJ A-Myth’s success! The Record puts him in the hot seat this month. More

How do you ensure that your work is not stolen? How do you protect your rights and collect the dues owed to you? How do you get your music out in the first place? Welcome to the world of music publishing. The Record gets the experts to deconstruct this essential concept in Getting Started: Music Publishing. More

Sarnali Bhowmick has every reason in the world to be excited. This young lady in her early-20s has a music video on air, an album to be released soon and one of India’s most renowned music directors as a mentor. What started this all for her? A simple phone call. Meet the winner of Channel V's Mobile Singer. More

The Record brings you an Agony Aunt page, with advice straight from Channel V's unstoppable Lola Kutty. More

March 2006 When Jack Johnson was growing up on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, he spent most of his time surfing and hiking, throwing in the occasional jam session on his guitar. In college, Johnson studied filmmaking and went on the road making surf films with his friends. It was at this time that he started writing songs for his movies, and what started out as a hobby has made Johnson one of the world’s biggest singer-songwriters today. More

After a career spanning 15 years and four studio albums with sales in excess of 9 million albums, Massive Attack are now set to put out a Best Of compilation. More

The Record meets with accomplished drummer/producer/arranger/composer/songwriter Ranjit Barot to discuss music and everything that’s wrong (and right) about it. . More

If army man-turned-rock star James Blunt is king of the UK music scene, could soul-meets-indie singer/songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae soon be elected queen? The buzz about this 26 year old is so loud we think she just might fit the bill. More

You may know Pankaj Awasthi as the soulful voice from the song Tera Hi Karam featured in the 2005 Bollywood action flick Karam. 2006 sees the release of his commendable debut album Nine, which contains, you guessed it, 9 songs which he sang, wrote, composed, arranged and produced! More

Passionate, determined, practical and quirky ~ we’re pleased to present DJ Agni as the first woman in DJ Speak. More

It’s quite the joke that after slots for the lead singer, guitarist and drummer have been filled, the person leftover (or the one who owns the rehearsal space) gets to be the bass player. Well if that’s how you get to be the one that creates those sublime grooves, so be it! Just how important is bass to a song? Can you imagine The Police’s Every Breath You Take without the spectacular bass line? Read our special feature: Getting Started: Electric Bass Guitar. More

Each month The Record will come to your campus and find out what makes you tick, what ticks you off and most importantly, what tunes get your toes tapping. Join us as we go back to college in our special feature Record University. This month we visit Sir J.J. School Of Art. More

Roy Orbison was the epitome of a rock and roll star. Orbison ranks as one of the coolest cats of the rock and roll era, with just a bit of a rough edge about him to lend to his authenticity. The Record profiles him in our special feature Then and Now, and also talks exclusively to his wife, Barbara Orbison, in Mumbai city. More

The Record launches an Agony Aunt page, with advice straight from Channel V's unstoppable Lola Kutty. More

February 2006 "What happened to the dream of a girl president? She's dancing in the video next to 50 Cent," sings this feisty 26-year-old on the first single off her brand new album. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Pink is back – and she is pissed off! More

Fire up those music systems because it’s time to add a brand new set of tunes to your playlist. This time we have for you an alluring female tabla player, a mysterious electronica exponent, a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and a young R&B hipster. And that’s just the set that’s of Indian origin. From the rest of the world we have a Puerto Rican reggaeton master, a Colombian superstar, a Hasidic reggae phenomenon and another young R&B hipster. Take your pick from our special feature - The Record Recommends! More

Back with their fifth studio album Home, The Corrs’ sound has never reflected their roots so truly. More

If you only know him so far as ‘that cheeky blonde guy from Blue’, here’s a guide to the essential Lee Ryan. More

When we first heard Richard Ashcroft as the frontman for The Verve, we knew he was going to be a star. Seven years after The Verve’s break-up Ashcroft is still one of Britain’s biggest selling acts. More

The Record catches up with presenter/DJ/rapper Nihal the man behind the hit compilation Bombay Bronx. If you can’t get ‘Ek glassy, do glassy, teen glassy, char!’ out of your head, you know who to blame! More

Learning how to play the tabla is an art that takes years of discipline and the guidance of a guru. Here we bring to you a small glimpse of what the process involves. Check out our special feature Getting Started. More

Each month The Record will come to your campus and find out what makes you tick, what ticks you off and most importantly, what tunes get your toes tapping. Join us as we go back to college in our special feature Record University. More

Bryan Adams is back in India this month and The Record catches up with him for February's Then and Now. More

The Record will soon launch an Agony Aunt page, with advice straight from Channel V's unstoppable Lola Kutty. Here’s a first look at Lola and the advice you can expect. More

January 2006 After more than a decade of ferocious music, a mix of grunge, funk and heavy metal, the rock outfit Korn now emerges with their seventh album See You On The Other Side. More

Reggae superstar Shaggy talks candidly to The Record about his music, his public persona and what lies behind it. More

The Record profiles late rapper Notorious B.I.G. on the eve of the release of a Biggie tribute album by some of rap and hip-hop's biggest names. . More

Music award shows may come and go, but the Grammy’s still remain the final word in the music industry. It’s the biggest show of the year, where the world’s biggest rock stars, movie stars and beautiful people all get together on one stage. Here’s our take on the upcoming 48th Annual Grammy AwardsMore

Is it a plane, is it a bird…well okay, no one thought it was a bird but everyone at The Record sure had a lot of questions when they first heard the name ‘Mattafix’. Since we give their debut single Big City Life one big thumbs up we decided to find out more about this mysteriously named band. More

After their hit first album Meri Neend and their not-so-successful film venture, A Band Of Boys are back, older and wiser, with a new album titled Gaane Bhi Do Yaaron. The Record meets up with them for a conversation. More

Fire up your computer and get ready to make some noise! Read our special feature: Getting Started: Electronic Music. More

Welcome to the first edition of Record University, our brand new monthly feature where we take a break from interviewing music superstars and go meet some of the coolest young people in the country. Each month The Record will come to your campus and find out what makes you tick, what ticks you off and most importantly, what tunes get your toes tapping. Over-alliteration aside, join us as we go back to college!
We kick things off with Mumbai's St. Xavier's College. More

The latest dance track doing the rounds of the city’s nightclubs is DJ Vivek’s Jugni Jukebox. The traditional Punjabi folk song laid over dance floor beats is accompanied by a video that is not in the normal remix tradition, and as a result the song is getting some serious airplay. Here’s DJ Vivek in our hot seat this month. More

It's Australian balladeers Air Supply in our feature Then And Now this month. More

2006 looks slated to be the year of superstar releases with a lot of international music’s biggest names returning in full force. What's in store? Check out our special feature Soundcheck '06 to know. More

December 2005 While he may be one of the best hip-hop stars in the US, Eminem’s story hasn’t always been about success. More

Few bands in the world have a chance to change their colours midway through a successful career, yet pop band Depeche Mode have made a transition from pop to rock with practiced ease and have managed to retain their identity through the years. More

Daniel Powter seems to be just the breath of fresh air that music is looking for. Soulful tunes, bold lyrics and a trademark beanie hat have proven to appeal to fans, and Powter has struck gold with his self-titled debut album. The Record Music Magazine takes a look at what makes this Canadian a record-breaking success. More

In a refreshing break from the droning techno that you’ve come to expect at clubs, DJ Paco De La Cruz plays a charged-up set combining organic salsa, calypso & samba rhythms with Latin & Afro-influenced Nu Jazz beats. The Record caught up with him the day before the party for a thorough grilling in the DJ hot seat. Check it out! More

Sharing the spotlight with the rock star lead singer, sexy guitarist and cool drummer can’t be easy, but keyboard players have consistently proven that when it comes to musical re-invention they are forces to reckon with. Want to be the next Herbie Hancock, Brian Eno or Moby? Read our special feature Getting Started: The Keyboards. More

Channel [v]’s resident music guru Luke Kenny takes a slice of his popular show Luke’s After Hours and turns it into an album. We grab him for a quick conversation about the sizzling compilation. More

Millions of today's greatest musicians consider Elvis Presley their idol. We take a look back at the superstar's career. More

November 2005 Franz Ferdinand had planned on keeping their second album, like the first, self-titled. While they were putting the songs together, one of the members suggested the title You Could Have It So Much Better, and it stuck. More

After a gap of three years Sean Paul is back with the 17-track album The Trinity, working with some of the hottest young producers on the Jamaican dancehall circuit and Sean is proud to say, “it was all done right here in the Third World.” More

The Record Music Magazine brings you one step closer to this girl band with little known facts about the girls and the phenomenon that is the Pussycat Dolls. More

The Record catches up with iconic television star/musician Ronn Moss at the launch of his his new album in Mumbai city. More

The Record profiles Ashlee Simpson as she returns with her sophomore album I Am Me.More

The Record brings you a look back at what has made Paul McCartney and his music unique and groundbreaking for our time…. More

We bring you a review of Phil Collins The First Final Farewell Tour as he makes his Dubai debut at the Autodrome on November 10, 2005. More

He’s the latest sensation to hit the music world. An excellent dancer, a great voice, stunning looks and an amazing performer…that’s G for you. Nitin Kalra in a candid conversation with the man behind the performer…Ganesh Hegde. More

It's time to vote for your favourite artists in our special feature Best of 2005! More

In the second of our Getting Started series, we bring you a brief look at The Drums. We say ‘brief’ because drumming traditions go back centuries and drums were possibly the first musical instruments for so many cultures around the world. So without further ado, let’s hit it! More

October 2005 Why are we so excited about 28-year-old singer/songwriter James Blunt? The simple answer: He writes achingly beautiful songs. Need more reasons to check him out? We'll give you eight! More

Wildflower, Sheryl Crow's first new full-length release in three years, is a dramatic new direction for the nine-time Grammy winner with a collection of intimate, introspective compositions, heavy on string arrangements rather than her distinctive guitar solos. More

Created after auditioning hundreds of candidates in Moscow, t.A.T.u. is Russia's answer to pop-meets-Prodigy and is Eastern Europe's most popular musical export. More

Indian Idol finalist Rahul Vaidya gets set to release his first-ever solo album. As he tells The Record, life couldn't be better. More

Success, as it turns out, came to Starsailor rather easy. Emerging amidst a flurry of activity from the likes of Coldplay and Travis, Starsalior might easily have gone unnoticed. But they didn't. On The Outside marks the return of one of Britain's most appreciated bands. More

Hailed as the Godfather of Disco in India, Bappi Lahiri has composed over 3,550 songs for over 500 films. Now Channel [v] is giving you a chance to show off your vocal talents and land a track on Bappida's brand new album through a super new show called [v] Mobile Singer! The Record met up with the legend to get the lowdown. More

A new feature every month, we look back at a classic bands that sold millions, influenced popular music and then disappeared and reappeared! We kick things off with the legendary Queen. More

Record label manager by day, DJ by night. That's Austrian DJ Rainer Klang for you! On a recent visit to Mumbai, Klang spoke to The Record about the music scene in Austria, playing at the Cannes film festival and what it takes to get a record deal. More

The Record is happy to launch Getting Started, a brand new series dedicated to helping you learn how to play a musical instrument of your choice. If you've always wanted to learn but didn't know where to begin, then this section is for you. We kick things off in style and bring you the beginner's guide to The Guitar. More

Check out our exclusive concert review of Goldfrapp live in London! More

September 2005 The Rolling Stones - their last major release sold over 5 million albums; not bad for a five decade old band. A Bigger Bang is their newest release, an ambitious, wide-ranging collection of high-powered rock and blues songs, and their first studio release in eight years. Running a full sixteen tracks, it is the band's longest new album since 1972's Exile On Main Street. More

The dancehall reggae master Shaggy returns with his sixth studio album, Clothes Drop in September 2005. Fans are already drooling over the sexy video, the first single Wild 2nite featuring Olivia from G-Unit (the G-Unit diva who recently shared the Number One Candy Shop with 50 Cent) being played on the music channels. We can expect some more masti on the album that promises to be the hot release. More

The hype surrounding Craig David's latest release The Story Goes… is understandable given the fact that twice in a row he has delivered what he so self-assuredly promised. His latest single, suggestively titled All The Way, is no exception. Slick, sexy and super smooth, David keeps the harmonies tight and the groove sinuous just like his fans like it. More

It's All Brand New! There is a mountain of new releases lined up for music lovers in the next three months and we are racing to bring you all the excitement. We begin by carrying a special six-page story this issue. Are the spotlights coming back on for the Indipop scene? Which two rock acts are red-hot across the globe? Read our special feature to find out! More

With their self-titled debut, The Magic Numbers have notched up a fair list of achievements - a loyal fan base (including famous names such as Noel Gallagher, Nick Hornby and The Chemical Brothers), critical praise, and an extremely prestigious and terribly tough-to-get Mercury Prize nomination. Keep an ear out for their delightful single Forever Lost playing regularly on radio and TV. The Record profiles the quartet. More

On a whirlwind trip through India courtesy The British Council, Neil Boorman, in DJ mode, takes time off between spinning to talk music, corporate superpowers and anti-authoritarian culture exclusively with The Record. More

As Michael Jackson releases a double disc of his most popular hits, we speak to some famous folks and get their thoughts on the King Of Pop. More

Soulmate, a blues band from Shillong has recently launched their first album Shillong with a predominant love theme. Here's an interview with The Record, and as usual you heard about this band here first… More

August 2005 Kanye West wouldn't be a rapper if he didn't talk about diamonds. But unlike the rest of the bling brigade, he puts his own, very unique spin on the stones - and that is why he is undoubtedly the most important artist in hip-hop today. Get ready for the second coming of Kanye. More

If there is one thing that the Foo Fighters have been endowed with, it is an expanded vision. And their fifth album sees the band oscillating between two tremendous extremes. More

A Sri-Lankan Mercury Prize nominee, a Caribbean teen queen, an Asian-American military brat and the First Lady of Crunk & B, that's the line-up of the top new ladies in music! Check out our feature titled Fantastic Four. More

The Record profiles VJ Tina T, the newest face of Channel [V] More

Van Halen's rise to one of the most popular hard rock groups has relied on liberal doses of sex and furious rock 'n' roll. From their first gigs that hosted wet T Shirt competitions, the group thrived on controversy. More

Jimi Hendrix didn't live too long, but it was a roller coaster ride of excess. Read about the talented, temperamental guitarist's life who set the stage (sometimes literally) on fire with his guitar wizardry. More

July 2005 Natalie Imbruglia returns with her much-anticipated third album and a funky new video for her single Shiver. The Record brings you an interview with the singer. More

One band that has been constantly involved in the politicising of music towards making the world a better place is System Of A Down. More

Newcomer Akon's smooth R&B singing over charming chipmunk-processed vocals made a striking combination and suddenly Lonely was The Song You Couldn’t Get Out Of Your Head. Read our profile for more. More

The White Stripes' Meg White interviews Jack White in conversation about their new album Get Behind Me Satan… More

On a promotional visit to India singer-songwriter Veronica talks to The Record about her brand new album, making it in the music industry, doing her own graffiti and more. More

The Record handpicks eight new artists from wide-ranging genres and insists that you check them out in our feature Breaking Through. Happy listening! More

If you wanna make the world a better place, /Take a look at yourself, and then make a change. - Michael Jackson, “Man In The Mirror”
Sounds kind of ironical, remembering those famous lines at the heels of what all’s transpired with Michael Jackson in the decade past. More

June 2005 Geri Halliwell was cheerleader, rabble-rouser, bottom-pincher, pop advocate and larger-than-life cartoon character Ginger Spice in the biggest group of the nineties. Read on to learn more about her brand new album. More

Before …Something To Be, before Matchbox Twenty, and before Tabitha's Secret, there was Rob Thomas. More

The sensational Sonu Nigam is back on the pop scene with his new album Chanda Ki Doli. The Record caught up with the singer to speak about this album and much more… More

Asian Dub Foundation package their political views in an unlikely mix of ethnic Indian sounds and West Indian dub vibes. More

The boys behind Woh Lamhe, the biggest hit of the year so far, prove that they have more than just one musical trick up their sleeve. The Record introduces you to Jal from Pakistan. More

We've listened to their debut album, talked exclusively to their charming guitarist Luke Potashnick and we're here to tell you that you should repeat this after us: Rooster rocks!! More

Swimsuit model, ramp scorcher, fashionista, self-confessed wild child. That's the background of the newest face on Channel [v]. The Record brings you the inside stuff on model-turned-VJ Pia Trivedi, host of the brand new Pepsi [v] TV Champions. More

The Flower Power generation had it wild. It was a time of hedonism, debauchery and indulgence, and nothing comes without a cost. Janis Joplin, was one of the victims of the lifestyle that led to her tragic end. Here's an account of her short, yet eventful life, leaving behind many questions and a legacy of some great music. More

May 2005 Oasis is back with their sixth album - Don't Believe The Truth and we ask the band whether truth is really stranger than fiction… More

Guitar legend Joe Satriani finally makes it to India and for the thousands of fans who didn’t get a chance to meet him, we bring you some insights straight from the man himself. More

2D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle. If you think about it, these aren’t really odd names for the members of a hip-hop group. Understanding and acceptance becomes a little harder when you realise that the Gorillaz are an animated quartet. More

They're back again, after a two-year hiatus with a superb album Push The Button, with tracks like Galvanise already having taken off in a big way. What's next in line from Chemical Brothers? Well, Push The Button to know more. More

As rockers Audioslave release a brand new album, The Record brings you a profile. More

The Darkness goes into full no-holds barred mode to give the audience a performance they'd never forget. Don't believe me? You will, once you get to the end of this article. More

They have been composing stirring scores for Bollywood for over a decade now and yet when it comes to maintaining a silence in the musical score they are the masters of it. We are talking of Salim-Sulaiman, the brother duo who have recently rocked the scene with their first full-fledged commercial feature film Kaal whose soundtrack is simply rocking! More

The idea for Il Divo, a very unique band, originated not in a board-room filled with music executives but in front of the television as music mogul Simon Cowell watched hit mobster-drama The Sopranos. More

Madonna remains, to this day, the quintessential bad girl of pop, and she has made umpteen points to prove it. And, it all began much before people were even aware of her powerful vocal chords. More

April 2005 Juggy D has been involved in music since he was 13 and has even had the distinction of teaching Craig David to sing in Punjabi! The Record met the kool dude as he releases his debut solo self-titled album. More

They’re young, they’re talented, they’re everything you need to make a superstar. The Record presents The Young Ones - four brand new artists whose star is on the rise. More

Sister of Daniel, Natasha Bedingfield is the new voice on the pop music scene. This is pop but not as you know it. More

Given where The Killers come from, expectations might draw outlines of a band high on self indulgence and typecast them as free living rock and roll role models. Contrary to this, the band are a far cry from the Las Vegas profile. More

Young talents transform romantic songs using full orchestral accompaniment and take it to another level. Let’s hear it for Il Divo! More

Last month we brought you the five finalists of the Samsung [V] Super Singer contest. This month we bring you the winner. Ravindra Upadhyay, an advocate from Jaipur, tells The Record about life as the newest voice of the country. More

The Record profiles John Lennon - singer par excellence, songwriter par excellence, performer par excellence and hornet's nest stirrer par excellence. More

March 2005 Ever since his 1999 album Play became a worldwide phenomenon, and sold over ten million units in the process, the industry and fans have been looking for the next bit of magic from Moby. More

What do Grammy winner Usher and 19-year-old new sensation Ciara have in common? The answer is ‘Crunk & B’. What’s that you ask? Read on to know more. More

Live concerts by international musicians have become the norm in India. Alanis Morissette and Darius performed at the last MTV Immies. Sting rocked Delhi and Bangalore in February. March was Mark Knopfler’s turn. More

After a decade of making music professionally, Los Lonely Boys, the trio of extremely talented siblings aged not more than 25 have already found themselves amongst the Grammy winners. More

The Record profiles Australian singer/actress Delta Goodrem as she returns with a brand new album. More

For generations Elvis Presley has besotted fans lapping up everything about him, be it music or controversy, both of which Elvis was a master at providing. This feature explores the many fascinating stories about his personal life. More

The Record profiles classic rockers Judas Priest, a band that strongly influenced both the sound and look of heavy metal. More

She beat some serious competition to be crowned winner of the first ever Channel [V] Get Gorgeous. This year she hosts round two of the talent hunt and is now also a Channel V VJ. Here’s our guide to VJ Archana. More

February 2005 She really needs no introduction. Whether we're watching one of her sizzling music videos or movies, Jennifer Lopez is more than welcome to make a couple of stops around our block whenever she likes. More

A band that had lost its way over the years, both creatively and commercially, were finally able to put out an album that helped them reconnect with their fans and each other and win a Grammy. That band is Green Day and the album is their latest, entitled American Idiot. More

While speaking about Gwen Stefani, is “No Doubt” the only thing that comes to your mind? Cause guess what! Gwen Stefani’s got her first solo album out: Love. Angel. Music. Baby. More

If there ever were an R&B star prototype, then Usher would exemplify it. All you need to do is take a closer look. More

She was the first American Idol winner and now Kelly Clarkson is back with her second album Breakaway. The Record traces her journey as she went from choir singer to super singer. More

Is it possible to say that the day of the Indian Rock Band has finally come? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’! In the spirit of support, we at The Record profile some Indian bands that you must watch out for. More

The Record brings you all you need to know about Channel [V]’s newest face, VJ Juhi. More

Welcome to the world of rock, where lives are nothing short of Bohemian rhapsodies, with great spurts of lively interludes followed by dips. Hop on to see this great jamboree, featuring some of the greatest characters the world has seen in the recent past. Among the very top of this eclectic list is a name that conjures myriad images - Mick Jagger. More

January 2005 It’s the biggest variety show of the year, where the world’s biggest rock stars, movie stars and famous beautiful people get together on one stage. Welcome to The Record’s exclusive coverage of the 47th Annual Grammy AwardsMore

As Australian superstar Kylie Minogue releases her greatest hits collection, The Record brings you a retrospective of her extraordinary career spanning 17 years. More

Meeting Ali Haider was an experience. He doesn’t have any qualms about the stardom that he enjoys. Simplicity and Exclusivity are his strengths and ‘Purani Jeans Aur Guitar’ his weakness. Here’s a meeting with the handsome and the yet ‘eligible bachelor’ More

Enter Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, James Valentine, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick – Maroon 5. And what an introduction it has turned out to be. More

The Record gets Channel [V]’s resident chat show host and one-woman video censor board in the hot seat. From Kerala, here is Lola Kutty, in her own words. More

On his latest effort, Gary Lawyer proves that, even after more than 30 years in the business, he's still got it. We caught up with Gary Lawyer himself, and this is what he had to say... More

Sum 41’s music can be described as hard hitting insane Tabasco sauce being poured through punk rock riffs on riotous teenaged vocals. And now here’s Chuck: the latest album. More

Shibani Kashyap has been singing for as long as she can remember, but today the world knows her as the ‘Sajna’ girl. Rightly does she say, “It’s the song that is the star, not the singer.” Over to Shibani… More

December 2004 Four years have passed since Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim released his last album Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars, an album that topped charts around the world and one that he toured with for nearly a year. As he returns with his brand new release Palookaville, The Record presents a feature. More

With over 50 albums and 120 singles to his name, and sales surpassing the cap of $300 million, Cliff Richard has earned gold and multi-platinum awards, received countless Lifetime Achievement Awards for the sum of his work and contribution to the music industry, notwithstanding all the Grammy nominations and wins. The Record brings you a profile.More

Meeting Ali Haider was an experience. He doesn’t have any qualms about the stardom that he enjoys. Simplicity and Exclusivity are his strengths and ‘Purani Jeans Aur Guitar’ his weakness. Here’s a meeting with the handsome and the yet ‘eligible bachelor’ More

DJ Domino is the first trance female DJ to be recognised all over the world. The Record catches up with her as she prepares to play at the Bacardi Breezer Vivid party. More

November 2004 Destiny's Child have returned, and as their first single Lose Your Breath proves, they’re still unstoppable. The Record gets an exclusive transcript where they talk about appreciating each other’s solo projects, their excitement at being back together and how their new album, Destiny Fulfilled, is a ‘how to keep’ manual for women! More

For from the very start – when Elton John literally stunned millions of fans with his pelvis thrusts on the piano and catchy choruses; it was evident that a music star unlike any other was born. So it goes without saying that there aren't many artists who are as famous as Elton John or as talented, thus putting him head and shoulders above the rest. More

She may be petite, but her blue eyes, diminutive frame and her quick silver wit hit you as you meet her. The blonde with the peachy face is still there, but her hair, hanging in two plaits is gone. There I was seated in her suite, sipping chai with Baby Spice aka Emma Bunton. More

Probably the music industry’s biggest success stories in recent times, Kunal Ganjawala, the latest Prince of Playback Singing in a heart-to-heart talk with The Record . More

When godfather of French techno Laurent Garnier played in India earlier this month, he kicked up a proper storm! The Record brings you an exclusive interview with the DJ/producer. More

We always knew there was more to the UK based Trickbaby than the excellent Slipping Through Your Fingers (great on both counts: song and video) that is currently being aired. Check out our exclusive interview to find out what the band is all about. More

October 2004 It’s out with the old and in with the new as a teen pop princess, a Swedish rocker, a British soul singer and a powerhouse young diva get ready to unleash some girl power into the world of music. Check out our special feature Girl Power 2004. More

Few artists meet with the spectacular success that UK based Raghav has over the past year. With three UK Top 10 Ten singles, a MOBO Award and a Number 1 single in India to his credit, he is with little doubt, one of the hottest properties around. The Record catches up with the musician in India. More

Mark Knopfler is a unique musical invention, his guitar and singing, a weaving spirit that spoke in a most eloquent tongue. The Record got an exclusive interview transcript with the sultan himself. More

A day before his live show in Mumbai city, The Record caught up with reggae superstar Shaggy for a quick chat about all the things that matter to him. More

Rapchik’ is how she describes one of her upcoming numbers and ‘Rapchik’ is how we describe her – youthful, gifted and very very Bambaiya! That’s Vaishali Samant for you. More

September 2004 Nelly has got his finger in so many pies that he really does taste life in a big way. The most surprising part however, is that through it all, the music takes priority. And what better way of stating this than releasing two brand new, original albums. More

Seven years ago, The Prodigy were at the top of the music heap with electronica enjoying global success like never before. For a while after that, it was downhill all the way but things may be looking up for these electro-punks with their latest release. More

Ashlee Simpson is a newcomer who’s got everything to make it in the competitive world of pop music. The Record chats with the fresh princess of pop, about her life, her career and her music. More

Creed, the band that came up with 'Higher' and 'One Last Breath', has burnt out after selling 30 million copies worldwide. But from the ashes a new player in the rock arena has risen: Alter Bridge. More

August 2004 It's that time of the year when dandiya queen Falguni Pathak is back on the scene with her latest offering Dil Jhoom Jhoom Naache. With catchy and racy numbers, Falguni is all set for the Navratri season. We caught up with the singer just in time, as soon she would to be too busy to even answer a phone call! More

As the legendary Duran Duran get set to release Astronaut , their first new album together since 1983, The Record brings you all you need to know about the band. More

Cathartic is often the best adjective one can use to describe the music of Slipknot. Their third release, Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) thumps up to a new altitude with regards to music, vocals and lyrics; sending out a hard-hitting message: Slipknot is far from backing off. More

UK based musicians Hardeep Sidhu and Prem Hans of Partners In Rhyme were masters of the remix way back in 1998 with their big hit Chandni Ratein. The Record talks to Hardeep about their latest venture Tera Mera Pyar. More

July 2004 Spider-Man is the quintessential Marvel character and everybody’s favourite superhero. And now at this very moment – the biggest thing in Hollywood and on the music scene. With the new Spiderman sequel "swinging" into a theater near you this month, the world is caught in Spider-Man's "web," and there’s no escaping from him now! Read on for our mega cover story. More

They can be dubbed as preachy gospel mayhem, drunkenness, misogyny irresponsibility and teenage rebellion and an indolence group. Meet the Beastie Boys. More

There’s something striking about Lucky Ali’s persona - his nomadic spirit. It’s almost as if he is in search of someone or something. His restlessness, though not very apparent sometimes does get noticed. The Record caught up with Lucky Ali in Mumbai for a one-to-one. More

The Record profiles two of the hottest new acts to come out of Britain - Keane and Franz Ferdinand are storming up the charts with their unique sound. More

Boy bands maybe yesterday’s news, but The Record talks exclusively to Alf from Australia’s newest offering North and presents 10 reasons why you should give these young men a listen. More

And the Birmingham Asian dance scene throws up yet another rather successful Punjabi bred, British DJ/producer. The Record catches up with Dr. Zeus on the day of his Mumbai gig. More

June 2004 Nelly Furtado is a woman of intense mystery, alluring juxtapositions and let’s not forget - a Grammy Award winner. She even writes her own songs and she's able to sing in English, Portuguese and Hindi last time we checked. Her tunes are catchy and perfect for that moment when your car magically runs out of gas.Read on for our cover story. More

The Artist formerly known as a squiggle, Prince, returns with Musicology an album full of feel-good tunes. More

The bad boy of rock ‘n roll has the heart and soul of an angel. Romantic but moody, fiery but sensitive, sexy but sophisticated, smart but naive, Lenny Kravitz is in a league of his own. He has carved a niche for himself in today’s music scene and has emerged as one of the most successful solo acts of his generation. More

It’s that time of the year again when we bring you the biggest and best new acts to emerge on the very crowded music scene. Hand picked by The Record after careful consideration, this list of talented youngsters is so good, you see the genre lines blurring instantly. Check out our Brand New Music: Class Of 2004 More

One of the most reputed bands from across the border, Strings has always strummed the rights chords with the Indian audience. The band talks to The Record about their new album Dhaani and more. More

Having sprung from the very unlikely precincts of Ahmedabad, Bandish Projekt was formed out of a love for musical experimentation. More

Always on the lookout for new talent, The Record brings you an act from India for whom the world is their playground. The Record meets the prolific Tino Francorsi and Hitesh (Hitech) Dutia of Needless To Say. More

May 2004 Avril Lavigne's decidely individual approach to her music - a “what you see is what you get” and “I don’t care” attitude and her hip cool in-your-face sound have made her one of the most sought after teen singers of today. Read on for our cover story. More

You may not know his many names but you definitely know his many hits. The man behind Ricky Martin’s smash successes - Livin La Vida Loca and The Cup of Life - gets ready for centerstage. Meet Robi Draco Rosa. More

Feisty, spunky, spirited. And loud! These are the words that best describe Anastacia. The Record profiles this tough survivor. More

With the release of their latest joint D-12 World, Eminem, Bizarre, Kon Artis, Swift, Kuniva and Proof who form the notorious band D 12 are all set to conquer global charts once more..More

Just when India and Pakistan are opening their hearts to each other, just when the border lines are merging and the exchange across the LOC has begun – here comes another voice from Pakistan – that of Hadiqa Kiani. More

April 2004 Aerosmith's tale has been told and retold many times: fortune, fame, drugs, the dissolution and resurrection. In the late 60’s the premise was Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, British psychedelic blues bands like Cream and the Yardbirds - but this band attacked that music with a lean, mangy aggression. They brought the British blues back home, but instead of stripping it down to basics, they revved up the flash and the menace and the danger. More

At age 23 Tata Young is already a nine-year veteran of the music industry. She has sold more than 12 million albums, made it to the cover of Time magazine, and established herself as a symbol of change for the Thai music industry. More

Since The Record last spoke to him, DJ Suketu’s career has skyrocketed and he’s a very busy man! We catch up with him to see what being a hit DJ is all about. More

With Rap and R&B dominating the charts in 2003, the flavour to watch out for this year are smooth tunes with witty lyrics and rappers with sassy mouths. The award season last year was painted with colours of R&B and hip-hop. Beyonce, Ashanti, Missy Elliot and 50 cent rocked the world with their smash hits. Here are the Top Tunes for 2004 .More

Bombay Vikings, Mika and Aryans – three of the hottest and the oldest Indi-Pop acts and conclude that India still has a long way to go as far as pop music is concerned. More

March 2004 Like the Beatles, who started out trying to be like Elvis Presley, this woman had a sound in her ear that she couldn't achieve, and the good fortune to translate that fixation into something that could spark of a music revolution. She proved that her soft sound can be considered mainstream, for she was crowned Queen of the Grammy’s in 2003 – when she took home eight awards making history. That’s Norah Jones for you.More

The verdict is in – if you want great music, Luke’s After Hours is the show to turn to. The Record gets the inside stuff from Luke Kenny - the man who brings you all those super tunes. More

The band started out playing for fun. Now they’re making some seriously good music. The Record talks to rockers Zero about music, adventures on tour and an interesting marketing tactic based on piracy. More

The Record brings you a double dose of brand new talent. A 16 year old soul singer and a Finnish rock band that have been long waiting to get out of the shadows – that’s Joss Stone and The Rasmus exclusively for you. More

In the late eighties a single band sounded tougher, rawer and louder than anything else out there on the radio - Guns N Roses. And even better, this band’s debut album turned out to be a perfect rock record in the tradition of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Sex Pistols. It was that most rock n' roll of moments - a brilliant new sound that made everything else in the top forty sound dead. More

February 2004 There are entertainers, and then there's George Michael. Let's face it - there remains a George Michael song for every mood and situation you are in. He's created a library of emotional highs and lows that serve as signposts on the road of millions of our lives. And over the years, we have seen how reliable he is. More

Hot Indian-Canadian band Josh is back with a big bang. You last heard their explosive track ‘Main Hoon Tanha’ and now they bring us a brand new album ‘Kabhi’ with high energy tracks, super collaborations (Sukhbir, Apache Indian) and that’s not all…they even remixed Nelly Furtado’s hit song ‘Powerless’. With the ‘Powerless’ Josh Remix storming up the charts everywhere, The Record thinks it’s the right time to catch up with the band. More

The King has finally broken his silence. The man who has been hammered maximum by the legends of musicdom for churning their songs as remixes; Harry Anand admits that 2004 is the final year for remixes as this market is already overtly saturated. Presenting an exclusive chat with His Highness of the Kingdom of Remixes! More

Their lead singer worked in technology for 16 years, their guitarist played with greats like Grateful Dead and Sheryl Crow, while the drummer played with James Taylor. ‘New’ band Dragonfly comes with a bag full of experiences. The Record sits down for a chat. More

They alternate between crunching guitars and gentle melodies, interlace Western rock traditions with Eastern vibes. Going from funk, nu metal, jazz, brit-pop, ‘60s Americana to full blown hard rock – all in just one album- these artists defy genres and are setting the trend for the new face of music to come. We bring you Absolute Alt-Rock. More

January 2003 She’s a cultural phenomenon. Girls strive to be like her and from New York to Mumbai; London to Tokyo; her posters, books, CD’s and fashion styles can be seen in almost all teenage bedrooms. Though there may have been countless pop music princesses before, none have had the impact, success and influence of…Britney Spears. Since she debuted as a pigtailed 16 year old in 1998, her record sales are already high enough to enter her in the Music Hall of Fame.More

Here’s a popstar who got thrown out of his old school choir for not being able to sing! Yet, post-Boyzone phase, Ronan Keating has proved that he can, not only sing, but also has his own identity. More

Michael Jackson’s career has spanned over four decades, earning him countless awards and breaking and creating countless records. He has sold well over 200 million albums around the globe and performed in every continent. He has lead the world and created the precedent that all artistsand directors go by when creating music videos and continues to guide the entertainment industry with his innovative albums, live performances, and short films. His album Thriller became the most successful album in history, selling over 50 million worldwide. More


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