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Their lead singer worked in technology for 16 years, their guitarist played with greats like Grateful Dead and Sheryl Crow, while the drummer played with James Taylor. ‘New’ band Dragonfly comes with a bag full of experiences. The Record sits down for a chat.

TR: The Edge Of The World is an intriguing title for an album. Why did you decide to call it that?
Miki: The song The Edge Of The World was actually the last song written for the album and it was written while we were in Morocco arranging the album, taking pictures and stuff. And it sort of felt right because it was kind of our first record, so it was a (coming) into the world for the group.

TR: You’re based in Boston but the album was put together in places out of America. Why is that?
Miki: I actually live in the Caribbean – we do almost all our writing, arranging there. There’s a studio at my house so this was recorded at home. In fact it was recorded outside.
We’d been playing there a lot, we played a festival there and I’d built this open stage out near the bungalow facing the beach. It’s beautiful there and at one point, we had done our first demo in Boston, and we sort of said, ‘Why don’t we just record here (in the Caribbean)? The sound’s great, we’re comfortable here.’ So our producer came down to check it out and he thought we were nuts! There were waves crashing ten metres away, there’s wind…so he said ‘You’re going to get a great vibe, but you lose out on sound quality.’ So we went with that compromise, because, well, vibe is good. [Laughs] After the first ten days of recording this album he said it was the best recordings he’d done in his career. It was a big surprise to all of us.

TR: Tell us about your unique studio.
Miki: And equipment-wise, is all digital, it’s hi-tech but it’s not an expensive studio at all. The album was mixed there too. We were going to mix it in Miami, at Criteria Studios, a pretty famous studio, and our producer was checking out our equipment and I said ‘I thought we needed different stuff to mix’ but he said ‘No, you’ve got all you need.’ So for the price of renting Criteria for two weeks, we just bought the stuff we’d rented. And that was it, 30-40 grand worth of stuff. And now it’s in boxes– we have a mobile studio, just four road cases, two Macintoshes and laptops. So we’re toying with the idea of ‘Hey, now we can record anywhere!’

TR: You’re all established musicians individually, but as a band, you’re quite new. Does this take you back to when you started out?
Steve: Before the band started we all had so many different experiences musically speaking that enable us to come and start this band and have it not be so brand new or so fresh that we can’t get something going. It’s exciting and the fact that we have had these experiences makes it that much easier to come together and make something together even though it’s fresh and new.

You can read the rest of our feature on Dragonfly in the February 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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