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The boys from hot Indian-Canadian band Josh are back with a big bang. You last heard their explosive track ‘Main Hoon Tanha’ and now they bring us a brand new album ‘Kabhi’ with high energy tracks, super collaborations (Sukhbir, Apache Indian) and that’s not all…they even remixed Nelly Furtado’s hit song ‘Powerless’. With the ‘Powerless’ Josh Remix storming up the charts everywhere, The Record thinks it’s the right time to catch up with the band.

TR: Tell us about how the Nelly Furtado remix happened.
Rup: The powerless remix was something very interesting actually. We did an amazing collaboration with Nelly Furtado. It’s very coincidental that you’re calling me right now because we were just hanging out in Montreal tonight. A year ago we decided we should do a collaboration with her. When we got in touch with her camp they said her album was finished and everything was done and there was no more work going on. What happened was that they decided that for ‘Powerless’ they wanted a remix and thought maybe an Indian style remix would be interesting. So they called us and said ‘you guys are the top in North America in terms of Indian bands so why don’t you do the remix for us. So although we did it, they had actually commissioned off this remix to ten different remixers and they wanted to choose the best one. When Nelly heard our track in the studio she said ‘Look I don’t want to hear anyone else, these are the guys we’re taking’.
It’s actually blowing up right now. They’re playing the remix more than the original now. In the UK it reached number four. It’s pretty much mainstream music right now.

TR: We always thought ‘Main Hoon Tanha’ was a track ahead of its time. Is it included on the new album?
Rup: ‘Main Hoon Tanha’ is not included in this album. This album sort of shows how we’ve grown in the sense is there’s a growth in terms of vocal production and how we feel sounds and music, what we believe in. ‘Main Hoon Tanha’ , literally translated in English means ‘I’m lonely’ and a lot of that album was a lot to do with sad emotions and stuff like that whereas (the new album) has a lot of fun, a lot of masti, a lot of energy so as artists we’ve grown over the last few years. So we decided not to include ‘Main Hoon Tanha’ for that reason.

TR: What inspired your song ‘Kabhi’?
Q: The way it came around, it was just one of those moments you’re sitting down and thinking about how good life is. You just kind of take a breather from the hectic pace that life moves on with and you go ‘You know what, let me just look around.’ It was just an observation about those kinds of contributions that have made where we are a good thing and a fulfilling experience.

TR: That’s a good positive message. Do you think we need more of that in the world today?
Q: I think that as far as what we need is honesty – honesty in your expression. It’s a moment’s expression. I think there is a need for honesty in writing and sometimes that seems to be lacking. And not just for the sake of writing, in general you need that kind of honest expression.

You can read the rest of our feature on Josh in the February 2004 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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