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Number 1 (V - Various Artists 18 hit singles all on one album? The second volume of last yearís incredibly successful 1ís is here and itís as jammed-packed as the first one was. There are, however, a few more bad tracks than usual mingled in with the good ones to try and fool us, but we're not easily fooled.

Featuring a mix of pop, hip-hop, rock, indie and dance- your journey kicks off with 50 Centís In Da Club before moving onto some Sting with his Grammy nominated Send Your Love. Also featured here are the massive number ones Where Is The Love? by the Black Eyed Peas, One Love by boy band Blue and The Golden Path by The Chemical Brothers. Plus there are all of the old favourites, such as Kylie Minogue doing her Come Into My World, Ronan Keating with his newest offering and hopefully the final song from Mariah Carey. New favourites, Ashanti and Maksim make it a good deal for the R&B and dance crowd as well Ė so over all this oneís not a bad deal for the Channel V crowd.

The bottom line - if you want a mixture of the recent hits that you would have heard on the radio or seen on the TV, you can't go past 1ís Volume 2. Not all the tracks are good, but then not all of them are bad either. If variety is the spice of your music life- then this one could be one of the spiciest youíre ever going to own.

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