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Pink - Try This Pink attacked the music scene with her urban-laced attitude-driven debut Can't Take Me Home in 2000. The album produced a trio of Top Ten singles (There U Go, Most Girls and You Make Me Sick) and was eventually certified double platinum and even found itself nominated for a couple of Grammy Awards. Yet even with her candy coloured hair and explosive attitude, Pink repeatedly found herself grouped with Britney Spears – which lead her to remake herself into alternative music’s answer to Madonna.

And after the massive success of her last album Missundaztood, Pink must have been feeling the pressure to follow it up with something innovative and original, and she makes the effort on this one. Try This is the name of her latest release - and has her collaborating with guys from Rancid, Blink 182, and the Transplants and still has Linda Perry on board for a few more great jams. The tracks are not as personal as the last record or as danceable as Can't Take Me Home, but it's certainly got a variety of different sounds. Proudly boasting about how disturbing she is on the opening number Trouble, Pink comes off as an idol for the young troubled Ozzy crowd. For she throws a hissy fit when a friend fails to show up at her concert on Last To Know, bluffs about not caring if she goes to jail on Tonight's The Night and tries to convince us she hangs out with bad people on Humble Neighborhoods. And once you can get past the paint-by-numbers lyrics and screaming vocals –you’ll probably enjoy this one much more than her last release. Over the past few years, Pink worked hard to capture our attention. Now that she has it – it turns out she doesn't have a damn thing new to say. The album does have its moments, but be warned – it gets a bit heavy and daunting at times – not for the Britney Spears fan.

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