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Jennifer Lopez
She really needs no introduction. Whether we're watching one of her sizzling music videos or movies, Jennifer Lopez is more than welcome to make a couple of stops around our block whenever she likes. She's about as sexy as any human woman can naturally be. And that's not a problem for us. Along with Ricky Martin and now husband Marc Anthony, this woman led the Latin music revolution in the late '90s. And somewhere in between, she became one of the world's most successful, recognized and richest women.

She's ranked as high as number five on the Forbes list of the 100 top celebrities. You have to admit that she's a smokin' Latin babe. Think of that famous behind that has spawned more insurance stories than Michael Jackson's facial ups and downs, and that sexy midriff that was meant to be revealed. She set the standard for leaving little to our imagination at the 2000 Grammy Awards with that revealing green outfit and considering she has her own clothing line, it seems like women worldwide want to be just like Jennifer Lopez. Her romances with Puff Daddy and Ben Affleck (which garnered the infamous Bennifer tag), along with her provocative and sexy wardrobe, has made her the most talked about performer in the world. It's the age old rags-to-riches story - proof that anyone can do great things with hard work, talent, a little luck and of course a nice derrière.

The big question going around - what's the name you'd like to be called with - Jenny From The Block, J Lo or just plain Jennifer?
Jennifer: Call me whatever! (Laughs) J Lo was just a bit of fun that got really crazy. I've never really been anyone but Jennifer. (Laughs again)

Cool. So what's the new album all about?
Jennifer: I feel like this is the most important album of my career. (Laughs) It's a fresh start. A new beginning. A new me!

A title like Rebirth - it suggests that you've moved on and reinvented your sound once again. What can long time fans expect to hear?
Jennifer: For me, the title is incredibly significant. I've grown a lot since my first album. Vocally, I've become more confident. I record songs with a different attack, with a different vigor. I can't be a crazy, little girl anymore. At first I wanted to do a little more funk, be a little bit more soulful. But then I just found I responded to certain songs…they stood out and I just knew instantly which ones I wanted to record.

Your husband Marc Anthony is producing your first Spanish language album we hear. He's also the guy behind two songs that appear on this new album, including the much talked about This Is Me. What's that all about?
Jennifer: It's a special song. It's different to everything else on the album. I had it originally for my Spanish album, but I decided to write it in English because it meant so much to me. It's like a big movie song. (Laughs) It really captures the heart. It's about relationships and makes perfect sense about where I am right now.

And where would that be?
Jennifer: I am just working hard...trying to do the best I can. I am able to deal with it only because I don't live my life in a way that I will be ashamed of. I'm able to go to sleep at night and...feel good about the things that I've done that day. I don't hurt anybody. I love my family. I do my best in relationships and try to be giving always because that's how my mom and dad raised me. What sweeps me off my feet? Sincerity and passion. I respond to people who stand for something…

The last few years your fame reached global epidemic proportions. You seem to be the most famous pop star in the world today. Do you feel the press went overboard with the way they followed you around?
Jennifer: I got into this business to sing and dance, to make music and grow as an artist. I love doing what I do and hearing people respond. That's what I do it for. Not for my life to become this front-page weirdness, a territory where you are always going to be picked apart. I've never been on so many magazine covers in my entire life, it was scary…

On a lighter note…what about those diva demands the tabloids seem to talk about. Any truth in that?
Jennifer: They're for crazy people to believe! (Laughs) I've been asked all this stuff from using a $700 tub of La Mer face cream a day to my pre-nup 10 Commandments. I can't believe that people read that stuff and they think it's true. It's crazy. (Laughs again)

Your personal life seems to interest a lot of people the world over. You're being called the Elizabeth Taylor of your generation. Does that upset you?
Jennifer: I don't know what they mean when they say that. It's hurtful and insulting. People think they know the facts, but they don't. Some of it's totally made up and some of it's based on truth and some of it's a soap opera they're creating. I'm human and I make choices. I follow my heart, I make mistakes and I just keep going. I'm a woman. Well, I'm a girl and, absolutely, I believe in love. It's the only thing. The most important thing is to believe in love and that's the only thing I've ever been guilty of.

So have you learnt anything from all of this?
Jennifer: I've learned from it. I had to take time out and reassess. I asked 'How can I change my life to make it what it was? How can I make it better now?'

You can read the rest of our cover story on Jennifer Lopez in the February 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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