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Creed - Greatest Hits - Sony & BMG Music Fueled by vocalist Scott Stapp's growl, Creed rode the Seattle alternative music scene to become one of the 90's most successful rock acts. The debut album My Own Prison spent over two years on the Billboard chart and ended up selling more than five million copies. And their over hyped fans also made them the first band to simultaneously have three songs in the Top 20 of Billboard's Rock chart.

This new Greatest Hits CD does a pretty good job of giving the fans something to cherish, although it falls a little short of the perfect compilation of Creed. With a measly 13 tracks, and playtime just over sixty minutes, it definitely could have had more to give. The songs run chronologically, four tracks from each of the first and second album, ending with five tracks from the last release. They certainly piled up hits while they played together, and this does features most of the band's signature performances and includes all eight of the number one singles. Songs like My Own Prison, One, Higher, My Sacrifice, One Last Breath and yes even With Arms Wide Open are all here. Inspired by Kurt Cobain, in a twist of fate, Creed's brand of grunge has almost as many imitators as Nirvana, and almost as long lasting a career.

Still there must a lesson to learn from all of this. For their success inevitably lead to this bands demise last year. Creed members have gone on to different things, forming the alternative band Alter Bridge for one, and who knows what’s become of lead singer Scott Stapp, who seemingly has vanished from sight. For a complete insight, I'd suggest to the casual listener to get Creeds individual albums instead. But if you have to have one album, I suppose this will do.

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