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Dirty Vegas - One - EMI When the trio Dirty Vegas won the Grammy for Best Dance Single last year, the cameras panned across from Robert de Niro to Stevie Wonder in the front rows to reveal three empty seats. The band, of course, was in the bar of the ceremony building. It's not that they didn't respect the world’s most prestigious music award - it was just despite three nominations, it never occurred to them that they might win.

After winning a Grammy for Best Dance Single, they’ve gone all mushy on us. While their debut was a neat and mesmerizing dance album and turned your living room into a dance floor in Ibiza - the follow up, surprisingly, is a new wave epic of soft rock. Titled One, love and desire is the primary subject in almost all of its ten songs. A brave and bold step away from their dance floor commercialization, we find the South London based trio incorporating full-bodied live instrumentation on a number of the tracks here. From an eight-piece orchestra to the soft synch melodic pop of New Order, it’s a great artistic leap forward for Dirty Vegas. Tracks like Human Love; Closer and Save Me Now has Steve Smith, Paul Harris and Ben Harris sounding as progressive as a mid 80’s new wave band. The stand-out track here is the graceful and addictively soulful Home Again. It creeps like an old 80’s track, seeping through and taking over you. But the real question is here, is whether their fans will like this change of genre.

Their first dance single Days Go By became a surprise hit in the US when it was picked up for a Mitsubushi TV ad and people began calling into radio stations requesting it. As a result their debut album Dirty Vegas went into the US charts at number seven. One has been released with much less fanfare, and it’s currently only in the Top Thirty the world over. The band who’ve taken half their name from Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, have without a doubt, made a great pop album. Good for a couple of spins.

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