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The Jagger Swagger
Welcome to the world of rock, where lives are nothing short of Bohemian rhapsodies, with great spurts of lively interludes followed by dips. A strange world, where everything goes. Like life, you got to live it and enjoy it, sans the tags and philosophies. Hop on to see this great jamboree, featuring some of the greatest characters the world has seen in the recent past. Among the very top of this eclectic list is a name that conjures myriad images - Mick Jagger. The rock legend, who's as much known for his music as he's for his on and off stage antics: Larger than Life. And, he's had his share of moss gathering, mind you.

One may or may not be a great fan of the Rolling Stones, but no one can ever deny the kind of impact they held over millions of music fans the world over for over four decades. And still do, mind you. Jagger definitely is instrumental in this, what with his histrionics. Oh, that legendary pouting and prancing all over the stage, while he sung those chartbusters; those are marks of a great stage act. But, the story didn't end there. The multi-hued backdrop Jagger usually performs before virtually fades during his various escapades. Mick Jagger never seems to be short of women. A virtual horde of them seem to be entangled around his long fingers all the time. And, that's no exaggeration. All beautiful ones, too.

It's hard to put a start of his long list, but we can begin with Chrissie Simpson, sister of top sixties model Jean 'The Shrimp' Shrimpton, who became Jagger's girlfriend at sixteen. But, the fling didn't last long. There was an obvious discord in thought. While Chrissie would definitely have wanted to tag along with Jagger everywhere, he had different ideas. Feeling a steady girlfriend could be bad for the group's image, Jagger made her stay in the background, a fact she resented. The split was obvious and coming; and, it did.

Next in line was singer Marianne Faithfull. Jagger met her when he was at the last stage with Chrissie and making every attempt to avoid her. Having eyed Marianne for quite some time in a party, Jagger eventually got up and going up to her first introduced himself and then deliberately poured his champagne down the front of her shirt. After an awkward mumble of apology, he was audacious enough to mop the spilled drink with his hands; very slowly and definitely very pointedly. But the trick didn't seem to work. Marianne stood up, almost knocking Jagger over and walked away. Worst was when she was heard calling Jagger a 'dreadful, spotty slob'. She also added that she 'hated pimply men and he's got more spots on his face than I've ever seen.' The next time they met was in a recording studio where she was to record her hit As Tears Go By, written by Jagger. Slowly, she was being drawn into the weird world of the Stones. And in Marianne's case, it wasn't Jagger who made the next move. She did. She later confessed that she always wanted to be an actress and a scholar, and be great at it, which propelled her to make her first move of ‘getting a Rolling Stone as a boyfriend. I slept with three of them and decided the lead singer was the best bet.' After her separation with her husband, Marianne moved in with Jagger. Her sweet schoolgirl image went for a big toss when she featured in the drugs trial involving Jagger and fellow Stone Keith Richards as the outrageous Miss X, clad in nothing except the hapless fur rug, being the centerpiece of an orgy allegedly interrupted by the police raid.

Jagger and Richards were convicted and imprisoned, but were released soon enough after public protest to what was widely regarded as harassment. There were more of drugs, wild parties and kinky sex between Jagger and Marianne, but the whole story didn't last long. The relationship ended soon enough. Perhaps the spots on Jagger's face were too much to handle. Or, perhaps, by then Jagger's roving eyes had spotted the next catch.

Which he sure did. This time it was the black singer Marsha Hunt, the star of the musical Hair. It seemed like a steady thing after a rather passionate start, what with the birth of daughter, Karis. But, like everything else in Jagger's life, even this wasn't free from a scandal, culminating in a long paternity battle in court, finally being decided by a Los Angeles court that Jagger was the actual father and asked him to cough up the upkeep.

Around the time Jagger was embroiled with Marsha and their just born baby in the early seventies, he met the Nicaraguan beauty Bianca, who bore a remarkable resemblance to him. Mick had a shock when he first saw her, thinking he was looking at himself. The theory that circulated around that time was that Jagger thought it would be amusing to marry his twin. Bianca has another angle kinkier one at that - to Jagger's attraction for her. According to her, it was Jagger's deep desire to achieve the ultimate in sexual experience by making love to himself.

You can read the rest of our feature on Mick Jagger in the February 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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