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Shahid Kapur
Dil Maange More's dashing Shahid Kapur is currently in the news for all the wrong reasons. While the 'Kissa Kiss Ka' controversy generated in tandem with his ladylove Kareena Kapoor in a local tabloid certainly does not seem to be his doing, it has put him in the limelight. Caught up with the extremely ruffled guy after the press conference addressed by him and Kareena for an exclusive lowdown of his version. Besides he also took some time off after the Dil Maange More release luncheon bash to chat about the other aspects of his career.

The Record: Would you like to clarify the recent turn of events, courtesy a local tabloid? Would you like to state your side of the story?
Shahid: I think it's not fair. I feel more for Bebo (Kareena Kapoor) than for myself. I am shocked at the most callous attitude displayed by that concerned tabloid. I mean how far would anyone go? Come on this is not Hollywood where the Papparaazi rules the roost. Fine, so we were not discreet about our seven month-old relationship. We believed in being totally open about our relationship as we are not hypocrites. Then why rub us the wrong way? Was it worth putting us through the entire traumatic experience and pray will someone tell us what did they achieve by doing all this? You see whenever the media approached us we have never denied our relationship so where was the need to sensationalise the whole issue. The question now is not whether it happened or not but why was this used as a front-page news-breaking story? I think that particular tabloid had always claimed itself to be a family newspaper. And now all this rubbish? I can't make any more comment on this topic as the matter has now gone to the court and it has become subjudice. Besides as you saw, both of us have given our denial to the electronic and even the print media that we have never been to the discotheque in the last three months. The records out there too prove the same thing. What more do I say?

TR: By the way, do both of you feel that this incident will in any way put a strain on your relationship?
Shahid: No we both do not think so. Take it from us, ours will be a permanent relationship.

TR: What would be the next step on your behalf and Kareena's to prevent a relapse of the entire sordid happening?
Shahid: Let anyone say anything or let them prove whatever they want, but the fact remains that truth will prevail. Until then we both have decided to wait and watch. And no we won't take any drastic stance like that of going off the press or something as we both feel that we have many good friends in the media who we are sure will support both of us all the way through. So just because of one stray incident why spoil our friendship with them? Now both of us will be extremely careful and lastly we will also follow the principle of once beaten twice shy.

TR: The bygone year has not really been fair to you and Kareena. Do you agree?
Shahid: Yes! I know, so we both have decided that the more we talk about it the more the media will write about it. Hence we have now decided not to react at all. But I just want to say one thing that it's our personal life. And it's nobody's business. It wasn't in the national interest to do what they did. It was just to sell copies. And that's sad. Of course we've put the whole incident behind us. There're so many other important things to focus on; we can't afford to think about anything else except our career right now.

TR: Has it changed your feelings towards the media?
Shahid: To an extent, yes. But I can't let one incident colour my views on the media. The press represents the collective conscience of the nation. Most of the media was against what happened. So many people from the film industry also spoke up in our favour. That gave us a lot of strength.

TR: Your latest release Dil Maange More was a complete washout. What say?
Shahid: You really think so? And I thought the reports were contrary. One thing is for sure that I've really grown as an actor and I know the technique better. Now I can chisel out the character better. Though the character in my first film, Ishq Vishq and in Dil Maange More are similar I felt I knew more in Dil Maange... It was a very clean film. No dirty language as in the other comedies these days. No taking-off-clothes happening at all. Dil Maange More was for the young. It talks about puppy love, characters who're discovering love. While Fida was a slightly dark film.

TR: Why do you copy Shah Rukh Khan so blatantly?
Shahid: Yes, even my director Ananth Mahadevan had called me up to ask where I had done that in his film Dil Maange More. I really don't know how and where I copy Shah Rukh. I'm very much my own actor. I guess the tag will drag on. When Shah Rukh came he was compared with Dilip Kumarsaab. I'd just take it as a compliment. What matters is that the audience has liked me, accepted me and appreciated it.

You can read the rest of our exclusive with Shahid Kapur in the February 2005 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.

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