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Bryan Adams
For almost as long as rock has been synonymous with roll, this man has been considered one of the finest singer-songwriters of the craft. He’s sold millions of albums, received numerous awards (including 10 Grammy Awards), had several #1 hit songs and stood out from his musical brethren as a socially responsible artist who has supported several causes.

He’s back in the news again and for all the right reasons. Spanning three decades and thirty-six tracks over the course of two CDs, his new release Anthology is by far the most comprehensive Bryan Adams best of ever released, and at the moment it’s at #1 on charts worldwide. He came down to our country earlier this month for a series of concerts, and we got the exclusive. But first a look back at what made him the superstar he is today:

Bryan Adams Then
Hearing The Beatles for the first time while crossing the English Channel on a ferry, Adams was pointed in the rock and roll direction his life would take. By the time he was sixteen he was already the lead singer of a local Canadian band called Shock. In the summer of 1976, he successfully auditioned to become the new lead singer of Sweeney Todd, a rock band that had just scored a hit on Canadian radio but had lost its front man. Constant touring eventually put too great a strain on Adams's relationship with the rest of the band, and he left them by the end of 1977. While in a music store one day in January 1978, a mutual friend introduced Adams to local musician/producer Jim Vallance. The two hit it off immediately and got together the next day to attempt songwriting together. The first song they wrote ~ Don't Turn Me Away ~ ended up as the B-side to two later Adams singles.

Their combined talents and Adams's intense persona garnered him a recording deal with A&M Records in Toronto, for the now-legendary sum of one dollar. It’s proven to be just about the best single dollar A&M has ever spent. Adams's first release Let Me Take You Dancing became a disco hit in 1979, selling 80,000 copies as a remixed single in New York City alone. Impressed with the success of the first single, A&M sent Adams to record a full album in Toronto, the result of which was his eponymous debut Bryan Adams in 1980. Although it didn’t break into the Top 10, the album paved the way for radio interest in the young Canadian singer on both sides of the North American border. A&M's belief that Adams could become a household name eventually did come true with his fourth album, 1984’s Reckless, released on his 25th birthday. It hit #1 in the US and spawned no less than five hit singles with Somebody, Heaven (which hit #1), Summer Of '69, One Night Love Affair and It's Only Love, a duet with Tina Turner.

Bryan Adams Now
While international acts around the world are just waking up to India as a regular concert venue, the world’s most famous Canadian keeps dropping by. This is his third India tour, and fans across the country got to see the man perform live once again in Mumbai and Bangalore. We were invited to the press conference held in Mumbai, and Adams touched base with us while he was in the city to answer a few questions:

This is your third visit to the country…
Adams: As a youngster, when I was always travelling with my parents, I was interested in coming to India. I wouldn’t be back in India if it weren’t so amazing. And it is getting better compared to earlier years as technology advances. I remember performing on a cricket ground first time, where each stage light had its own socket and switch. (Laughs) It is great to perform here, I mean otherwise I wouldn't be coming here again right?

So what did you miss the most in Mumbai since your last visit?
Adams: I’ve really missed the curries! (Laughs) It’s remarkable how much this city has changed in the short time I’ve been coming here. I could see a bridge being built over water outside my hotel window this morning. India is an incredible place. There is so much energy…

You’ve arrived in the city straight from giving your first ever performance in Pakistan…
Adams: Yeah, I was in Karachi for the first time and I got an amazing response there. What also amazed me is that the last time a western artist performed there was way back in the 1960, and that was Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) (Laughs). It was quite an event and it felt good because we were raising money for a charity for children.

You can read the rest of our feature on Bryan Adams in the February 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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