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Lola Kutty: Agony Aunty
Always clad in a traditional sari and the trademark gajra in her hair, Channel [v]’s wittiest VJ Lola Kutty has been imparting words of wisdom in many ways, be it her matchboxes, General Knowledge, or her hilarious interviews with the guests on her show. Now, there are two new ways to get your gyan directly from the sharp and amusing VJ ~ the Limited Edition Deluxe Official 2006 Notebook and The Record’s soon-to-be launched Agony Aunt page, with advice straight from Lola to you.
Here’s a first look at Lola Kutty and the advice you can expect from the Agony Aunt.

The Record: VJ Juhi said you inspire fear in people…
Lola Kutty: I hope not, that is not my intention at all. It is exaaggerating, you know, really. Am I a very fearing person? I think I’m a very clean-hearted person.

TR: Definitely! Do people behave afraid around you?
Lola: No, no. Not really at all. I think sometimes they wonder what will come out of my mouth next. It is a level of expectation maybe of not knowing what Lola will say. But it is a good thing.

TR: Is there anyone that inspires fear in you? And why?
Lola: [Without hesitation] My mother. Oh my goodness, if you met her you would know. Every time she watches the prrogram she’ll call up and give me the analysis and all that. And she watches the repeats also and she tells me where I must improve, what I must do, I was not looking nice in this colour sari. And at the end of every conversation it is, “so when are you getting married?” It is too much pressure.

TR: Have you ever considered bringing your mother onto your show?
Lola: I thought about it but then I thought I’ll be insulted so much maybe it is not such a good idea.

TR: What can we expect from Lola Kutty, Agony Aunt?
Lola: That depends on the questions, really. But I, you know, believe in being fraank. The problem is this youngsters are using so many words that I am not understanding. The other day I had to give advice one girl. She is saying, “I am making out with my boyfriend” and something. I said what are you trying to make out with him? Then I was told that I was understanding it wrong. Making out means doing physical intimacy things. I must know all these hip and happening terms, no, that is the only worry I have in this agony aunt. But I’m sure I will learn quickly. I am a quick learner. So don’t worry, okay? I will be fraank and to the point and I will give very good advice to youngsters of Record magazine.

We’re sure she will! If you want Lola’s advice, write to us! Send us your question at, and Lola is sure to give you a fun solution to help solve your problem.

You can read the rest of our special feature with Lola Kutty in the February 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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