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Record University: Mithibai College
Each month The Record will come to your campus and find out what makes you tick, what ticks you off and most importantly, what tunes get your toes tapping. Join us as we go back to college!


- The full name of this institute is Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science and Amurben Jivanlal College of Commerce & Economics.
- It is one of the colleges founded by the Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal an organisation incepted in 1934. The first institute it funded was Rashtriya Shala, a school established in 1921 in the wake of the National Movement.
- Boasts a massive student body of 10,000 in all making it one of the only colleges in India to admit such a large number.
- Shares its canteen with the neighbouring NM College.
- Annual college fest is called Kshitij.
- While, Mithibai and the Chauhan Institute lie in the same premises, Amrutben Jivanlal (popularly known as AJ) is a separate structure altogether since it was founded 19 years after the main building.

Mrs. Meghana Talpade, zoology lecturer and Chairperson (Cultural Activities), gives The Record an overview of what makes up the cultural fabric of Mithibai.

Tell us about the cultural scene at Mithibai.
We have been lucky to have a lot of students involved in cultural activities and wherever we have gone we always excel. Here we aim for overall development of the students and we don’t just promote students who already have prior training. We check the students out and then encourage even those with raw talent but no training to work on their skills. It gives them a lot of confidence.
We have had percussionist Nitin Korkode who is now internationally playing. We have Darshan Doshi, one of the youngest drummers, whose name is in the Limca Book Of Records. We also have one of the youngest tabla player, Ojas Adhia. Chirag Katti is a sitarist who has won prizes at the national level.

How does a student get involved in cultural activities?
We rope in students by auditioning them at the beginning of the year. The best part is, for these auditions, not just the director [of the cultural program] comes in, but along with that all our ex-students participate too. They know it will start in June so for almost all cultural activities the students come together in support. We have pianists, keyboard players, guitarists, and other musicians as well, some of who in the past have gone on to study abroad on scholarships. We also have a lot of students who are doing sound engineering now who help us out in selecting and coaching the students.

Mithibai kids like their music and style to be trendy yet no-fuss. Their picks reflect a melting pot of influences from Bollywood to MTV, ghazals to pop, and of course, the universal staple – hip-hop.

What’s Buzzing

Pooja Joshi, SYJC
- Hip-hop, R&B
- Beyonce and Jay-Z
Style pick: Pooja is outfitted in a mix of labels including Mango, Boy London and Tommy Hilfiger. She tells us, “My style icon is Paris Hilton. I like her not just for the way she dresses but mostly for her daring attitude. She’s really funky.”

Priyanka Vaya, SYJC
- Remixes and Bollywood.
Style pick: “I like Preity Zinta for her dimples. [Laughs] She’s so simple in her dressing and looks really cute.”
Quotable: “The one thing I wish is that there were more young bands in college. But it’s overall a good place to be as a student.”

Janme Jai Sen, 1st year law
- Ghazals
- Jagjit Singh
Style Pick: “I think Saif Ali Khan looks cool. I especially like his new look with long hair. My two favourite shopping hubs are Pantaloons and Shopper’s Stop.”

Meenaz Kazi, 1st year law
- Hindi music – “I love romantic songs!”
- Soona Soona from the film Krishna Cottage is her current favourite song.
Style pick: “Soha Ali has dressed up really well in Rang De Basanti. I like Kareena Kapoor’s style also.”
Quotable: “At Mithibai everyone is given a chance to participate in cultural activities. I really like that about the college.”

You can read the rest of our special feature Record University in the February 2006 issue of The Record Music Magazine available at your local newsagent.


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