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Daniel Powter - Daniel Powter - Warner Music If you’re wondering who’ll rise up and take Elton John’s place in making piano driven soft pop when he retires, this man could well be the answer. Canadian Daniel Powter is a superstar in the making, churning out the same sort of romantic and life-affirming pop anthems that John still does so well.

Honing his gifts in Vancouver, Edmonton and later in California, Powter’s music seems to have struck a chord with just the right people. Tom Whalley the head of Warner Music signed him personally to the label after listening to his demo, and his fan base even extends to Bryan Adams, for whom he recently he opened a concert gig. Powter’s self-titled debut album has already sold close to 250,000 copies in the first few months alone. Setting the tone for the album, after being used in a Coke commercial in Europe, first single Bad Day fizzed to #1 in France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany.

Snapshots of his life about relationships that didn't work out and getting himself through things, drive his lyrical prowess. Production of the ten tracks is top notch, and Powter is in strong voice throughout. Song 6 is about a girl he adored like a sister and died in a car accident, Free Loop is about a man who suggests to a girl that they both cheat on their partners, while Give Me Life has him paying ode to 1970’s folk legend Leonard Cohen with his vocal delivery.

While he appears relatively skilled as songwriter and a musician, this first effort doesn't break any new ground in pop music. Overall, the album showcases a new artist who’s still finding his own direction, but clearly he’s off the ground with a great start.

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