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Santana - All That I Am - Sony BMG Now well into his fourth decade of recording and performing, Carlos Santana is one of the few rock stars who could accurately be described as a true spiritual leader. 1999’s Supernatural was the crowning glory of his 30 years as a recording artist, winning him an incredible 9 Grammy Awards in 2000. The album’s secret ~ collaborations with the hottest artist of the times, including Rob Thomas, Wyclef Jean, Dave Matthews and the classic Eric Clapton. Following that blueprint originally setup on Supernatural, he’s once again got together with a whole bunch of artists for his latest release All That I Am.

This time around, collaborators include pop stars Los Lonely Boys, Joss Stone and the Black Eyed Pea’s very own among others. Even with a somewhat more uneven guest list, the set dazzles with tantalizing moments. The set's first single, titled I'm Feeling You, features Michelle Branch and The Wreckers, is a radio friendly single that did relatively well, hitting its stride in the top ten. The best songs on the thirteen track play list are the ones on which Santana and his collaborators try to play off each other rather than simply staying out of each others' way ~ case in point being the albums best track, hit single Just Feel Better, a collaboration with Steven Tyler, Aerosmith’s front man wraps himself tightly around one of Santana's most mellifluous melodies.

The album also features Trinity, featuring rock gods Kirk Hammett of Metallica and funk artist Robert Randolph. A surprising fact about Trinity is the credit ~ Santana co-wrote the song with the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. All That I Am is far from Santana’s best work, but if you liked Supernatural, you’ll want to get yourself a copy of this one as well.

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