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Limpbizkit - Results May Vary Limpbizkit became the hottest commodity in the rap-hardcore scene with their 2000 release Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavoured Water and followed it up with an even bigger smash-2001's remix album -New Old Songs. And with hit after hit at the top of sales charts, modern rock charts, and video playlists; and garnering a huge fan base along the way; …Limp Bizkit seemed to be unstoppable.

Unfortunately for them…those good times are over. It’s now official-Limp Bizkit sucks and big time. After eight short years of existence and three studio albums; Fred Durst and his boys have finally hit the bottom of the music barrel. The band’s newest release-Results May Vary- gives us a frightening insight into the vacuous state of modern 21st century music. Nothing less than a psychiatrist's report, lead singer Fred Durst is clearly a man with lots of "issues" as he sings on how he wants to eat people alive, molest women & kill your friends. Eat You Alive, the opening track, just offers a microcosm of Fred's troubles. We all know he's been having, (whisper it) "woman trouble" - not the least because he hasn't stopped blathering about it on for the past six months. As you continue listening to the album, you wonder after listening to a couple of the sixteen tracks wheter he’s just a fragile misunderstood soul or the real a**hole he says he is. You can make out that the guy who wrote the lyrics to this stuff is confused. He's angry. And he's going to tell us his pain…wheter you like it or not.

Plus making fun of your fans by calling them "big fat ugly kids" would probably upset the few weirdoes who will buy this album anyway. I'm guessing that Fred Durst & Limp Bizkit’s fifteen minutes of fame are just about over. So put on your headphones, forget the world outside and kick back as you listen to any album but this one…

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