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Westlife - Turnaround After their much hyped and dismal Greatest Hits, if you thought this new album would be the turning point in Westlife's career…sadly you will be unimpressed. For it’s just another ballad album and finds a way to be even more boring then their last one. This is music too scared to offend anyone or anything. There's barely even an adjective in the song titles.

So if you’re surprised that the boys are still trying to cash in on the phase that Boyzone started in the early 1990’s -don’t be. Turnaround is the album that many people thought Westlife wouldn't be around to make, especially as the Irish quintet are getting older while pop is getting younger. With newer & cooler sounding bands like Blue & their ex-manager Ronan Keating’s solo career on a roll; the UK charts are getting tougher and tougher to break into. So when for the first time in just over a year, the UK charts played host to a Number One single from Westlife, it was sort of big news. Mandy, their cover of Barry Manilow's classic Brandy became their 12th Number one single since they debuted in 1999, and if things look the way they are, could be their last as well.

The 12 tracks on Turnaround retreads everything they've ever done before, for it’s chocked to the brim with inoffensive piano ballads that won't be remembered next week, never mind next year. Plus their cover of Mr Big's To Be With You' is almost as bad as their earlier covers, making one wish this were over soon. The album will make loads of money, of course. After all kids keep buying their records not because Westlife are really talented; but because they're shoved down their throats 3-4 times a day through radio, MTV & the like.

But there’s nothing wrong with that, obviously. For 20+ crowds and above, don’t waste your time or even money on this crap…. lots of other great albums out on RCA from the recent Elvis compilation to Dido’s Life For Rent; essential to any collection. For the rest of you…(and that’s the 7-15 year olds) you’ll still going to buy this whatever we say…. so go ahead and have a good time. And when you grow up in a few years, come back to read this review again. And you’ll probably agree…. it was a dud.

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